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  1. Biggz21

    Patience is the key fans

    Where is Chris Ballard he's MIA he needs to do a interview addressing the state in which his team is in.
  2. Biggz21

    3-4 vs 4-3 Preference

    I prefer 3-4 Defense over 4-3 Defense simply because you generate more exotic pass rush out of 3-4. If you run 4-3 you need 4 down lineman who can get home. (Pass rush ability) and the Middle Linebacker in your scheme had to be versatile he cannot afford to have a weakness he must be able to come up and stop the run efficiently and also be great in coverage. The Outside Linebackers contain the edges and also drop in coverage. In a 3-4 scheme their is more room for error if you have two elite pass rushers on the edge and a run stuffing Nose Tackle you will always have success the front 7 makes up for a poor secondary. In a 4-3 you have to be technically sound with the right bodies in play you cannot plug and play and if you don't have adequate depth the scheme is in trouble... But I would not be opposed to running 4-3 if we have the right guys to play in the system like the Jags this year their Defense is phenomenal and also well COACHED which we also lack...
  3. Biggz21

    Colts @ Bengals Game Day Thread

    Marlon muh'fluffin Mack
  4. Biggz21

    Colts @ Bengals Game Day Thread

    Vontae Davis is trash trade his bum *
  5. Biggz21

    Quincy Wilson..... inactive again

    wth is chuck doing?! Quincy must not chop enough wood or has enough grit to start. This coach is delusional he needs to kick rocks with open for sandals