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  1. This is a pure depth and rotation move he couldn't have signed for more than 1.5-2.5 mill. We still have room to go after Clowney or Logan Ryan
  2. True the way teams find a loophole in that is resigning their own guys. Doesn't have to be in free agency.
  3. Ryan wasn't my deal breaker I'm saying anyone in general could have came to help not just the average guys we have on the roster...
  4. I would hope so the way we've played this season is a little scary we haven't decisively won any game or lost any game...
  5. Is that not chris Ballards philosophy? " I want to build a contender by drafting" so you are banking on drafting well enough that each year you are going to get Nelson and Leonard caliber players. And silly me I have no idea why I would want Ryan Kerrigan a 4x pro-bowler and adequate pass rusher...
  6. Unless they were asking for a 1st round picks or a high caliber player nothing could be asking too much to make your team better. But I guess let's stay content or trusting drafting guys out of college that have a 50-50 chance of being bust or all-pro
  7. Ok let's look at this on a (what if basis) he builds a team for sustained success let's say that's takes another 5 years or so with the same results we are seeing in year 3 no closer to winning superbowls how worth it is that philosophy? So essentially we would have wasted 8 years.... think outside the box
  8. Not necessarily looking for a trade at the kicker position, but how about a guy like Chris Harris Jr. Proven legit man coverage dominant Corner... a legit pass rusher von miller? Ryan Kerrigan? Someone better tha. Chester Roger's, Deon Cain, and Glowinski I know that's wishful thinking but with 40mill+ in cap available are we investing that money in accorn or what?
  9. Not there yet but we're getting close is the mentality of a team who has accepted defeat and is ok with mediocrity. I've been content with that philosophy far too long change it up how bout stop with all the excuses and execute and become a contender! How fun is it for the colts to be an afterthought year after year...
  10. I agree 100% I'm not arguing that I'm just saying the way we've lost games this season that's not championship football we have to beat teams that we should beat and stop playing down to our opponents. The Broncos game should not have been that close. All I'm saying is we need to improve the season is nearly over and the playoffs are coming fast it'd be nice to continue watching the colts into February instead of being home in early January...
  11. So how much longer are we willing to bank on cashing in on a Quenton Nelson and Darius Leonard generational talents eventually you hope those guys bring in multiple championships before a 10 year career or become too expensive and we ultimately let them test free agency that's the harsh reality of the Colts organization Manning, Freeney, Sanders, Mathis, Wayne,Harrison, Brackett etc ultra talented players 1 superbowl win....
  12. Cain was praised to be #2 to Hilton so he hasn't lived up to any expectations to even have been drafted is bust caliber. "Next man up" not that man lol
  13. My point exactly up to the deadline you look at this roster and say to yourself yeah we can contend for a superbowl with these guys?
  14. So let me understand your premise. You believe if the colts would have acquired O'Dell Beckham Jr and others we would be a 2-6 team? So adding proven elite players to your roster makes you worse? The Browns are an anomaly because they don't have a legit qb and poor coach give us 4 of the talented players they have with our exceptional coaching I guarantee we are better off with the subpar playmakers we have. #lacesout But 6 drops isn't an issue? Ok....
  15. Agreed, but tell me in the 100 year history of the nfl which nfl team has had sustained success and superbowl victories with youth? You need proven commodities to show the youth how to win is all I'm saying we can have the youngest team every assembled but what is that gonna get us? Early exits and losses to lower tier teams...
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