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2 minutes ago, PrincetonTiger said:

When .i say chemistry I also mean cadence and such


Yeah, I get what you're saying.  My point is that the chemistry doesn't really help much.  When a second-tier (non-starter-quality) QB comes in, he is usually most effective in his first couple games.......when he doesn't have chemistry with the team.  For a starter, yeah, chemistry matters.  A starting-caliber QB usually gets better with chemistry.  That doesn't seem to be true for the second-tier QBs........at least not enough so to make up for the opposing defenses having film available to study.

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2 minutes ago, JCPatriot said:


No, I get what you're saying.  It's not as crazy as it sounds, but can you imagine the blowup that would have happened over that?

I have seen plenty of coaches decline an offensive hold to make it a shorter 3rd down, while giving up the opportunity to make it a longer down.

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