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Colts @ Texans Sunday Night Football Game Thread


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He dissappears an awful lot, just like in Oakland. I wonder if he has problems getting open?

Could be.  I don't recall him ever being a savvy route runner.  But they should still find ways to get the ball in his hands, be it on screens or go routes or whatever the case

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OL isn't playing well, Luck hasn't been playing well, WRs have made some drops, just a bad game on all parts so far on offense

Yeah the D has been somewhat giving our offense the opportunity to get back in the game which the O just consistently squanders.

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It's simple... We don't have a killer mindset, yet. Whenever we are expected to win, especially in prime time, we play down ala the SD game.

But when an u feeding against SF, Seattle, and Denver, we're wold beaters.

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Offense needs to get a big play next time out or Luck needs to stop under/over throwing everything. The D needs a turnover here or at least a quick 3 and out.

A lot of pressure... and he is running for his life. If he had a pocket to stand in maybe he wouldn't be.

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To his defense (can't believe i'm actually saying that), i think we were in the Pats game until the 2nd quarter?

Here we just haven't shown up at all.

no wories, that Jvan guy attacks a lot of my posts.


We were in both those games and moved the ball better than we have tonight, and its not close.

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