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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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    • No way any team will acquire Brissett with thoughts of him being their starter. He may hookup somewhere as a 2nd/3rd stringer and inherit the starting job due to injury. But that would only be temporary until the starter came back or until season ends.
    • Your initial post read: "I don't know. I kinda put him in the Kenny Anderson category. Great QB with stats to back it up, but no or little success in the post season. He'll get in, but not before Eli and Ben"   Kinda seems like stats mean something.  And your logic is totally flawed.  The HOF has a lot of factors and it is for individual players, not for teams.  Therefore, stats do matter.  If the HOF selection criteria was based mainly on playoff success, like you suggest in this post (contradicting your first post), then Trent Dilfer, Mark Rypien, Jeff Hostetler, Brad Johnson and Jim McMahon all are more deserving of a HOF spot than Dan Marino.  You realize how smart you sound?   Yes, I understand it's a more pass happy league now.  In his 16 NFL seasons, Kenny Anderson was a top 10 QB in 4, maybe 5 of those years (~25%).  In his 14 seasons as a starter, Rivers has been top 10 in 12 or 13 of them  (>85%) - many of them in the top 5.   The case for Kenny Anderson to be a HOFer is a very long shot (maybe his 1 MVP year out of 16?? No).  The case for Rivers as a HOFer is a 100% sure shot, he is well-deserving of it.  Winning a SB would be icing on the cake.    
    • Ben is still playing so you can't say that with any reality.  I think Rivers gets in first ballet unlike some who don't.  The thing is players have to wait five years. Opinions change over that time.  A lot of fans don't realize that 48 members of the HOF vote on who gets in and when they get in.   
    • I think they'd jump on a 3rd if they could get it.  But I'm not sure the Boys could afford a backup at his rate.   Plus, we're still in win now mode (for now) so they'll want to keep him as insurance.
    • Gotta feel for Fitz.  Dude has been balling.  I'm just curious how the players will react? They seem to like Fitz a bunch.
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