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  1. Easily. I'd take Andrew Luck now over Peyton Manning in his prime.
  2. I hope Landry comes in only on rushing downs because that is about all he is good for... the team needs to stay as is because they are playing so much better without him. Too many roids to lift his arms to block passes.
  3. I bet they exchanged pleasantries while they were hanging out on the ground, hehe.
  4. I just think there are way too many weapons for Luck to choose from, and Nicks is not standing out to well. Moncrief will take over more once he is fully acclimated... and that may be soon. The one year deal won't hurt that much he has made a few good catches when needed.
  5. Along with Trumps hair stylist.
  6. I'd quit watching Colts football if he were to come here.
  7. I beg to differ. The one game day thread would have stopped the forum being overtaken by 4 more thread with the twenty locked already for their own failures. If people start 20 bad threads the solution to stop it is simple, but this forum is a mess. I'm out.
  8. Why multiple threads instead of one for gameday? This is hard to follow with the forum full of so many bad threads started... silly move making it three threads.
  9. Unfortunately, it won't change because this is the NFL. The game wont change until fines and suspensions are added to the game for the refs bad calls.
  10. Back to back runs on the last possession was mind boggling.
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