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  1. I got a bold prediction for ya. The NFL goes bankrupt in less than 2 years. Go play in China ya communist racist America hating trash. I told you people, I freaking warned y’all straight up. The first season those racist little babies took a knee, I quit. I quit right then and never came back. I begged y’all to stop this. I begged y’all to boycott, but many of you didn’t see the storm brewing. .....and here we are. Your sick, twisted little butt kissing sport is dead. #boycottnfl
  2. Long time listener, first time caller. How much would you pay to be able to walk without terrible pain for the last 50+ years of your life? At what point is it morally repugnant to make such a decision about one's only life? In my late 40's now, I wrecked my back moving a couch a year ago and I now understand it will always pain me. I would give just about anything to make it stop. Relatively speaking, it's a very minor thing. Luck's injury cache looks like the aftermath of a series of car accidents. We're talking about a business that routinely turns its back (and loyalties) on players of even the most stalwart variety. Due to injury, performance issues, smoking pot.... these franchises oblige no one player their loyalties. An exception may be Tom Brady and his unique player/franchise relationship with the Patriots. Luck would've likely spent most of the season on his rear practically engorging himself like a bloated salary cap tick. Try dealing with his sudden retirement during week 4 when the overstock of talented free agents has depleted to a bargain area of ragamuffins. The old school forum vets will vouch, I was here, every day, for the 2011 and 2012 season. It broke my heart. It broke my heart and my spirit when my favorite player and the franchises backbone suddenly departed. It wasn't the player who decided that. It was the team. The Colts. Broke my spirit for the game. I hope Luck moves on and enjoys his life to its fullest. A big beautiful house with a bunch of kids he loves. Years of being a dad and chasing the little boogers around the yard...…. ya know, because he can ****ing walk still? Remember that game when Luck and Wayne railed the Packers in an unforgettable win for Chuck? That was fun to watch, as a fan. I ain't gonna sit here and say a single bad thing about one of the fellas that made that memory. Good times!
  3. Very few would say all (most) cops are "bad". The issue herein is a woeful lack of accountability when such an officer emerges. We cannot change the way police treat blacks without changing the way they treat everybody. Do that and everything should fall into place. I know a cop's job is dangerous. According to statistics, however, being an attendant at a convenience store/gas station is far more dangerous. Neither police nor gas station clerks should be whipping out guns at the first sign of possible trouble. Cops get away with it, clerks do not. We should at least hold cops to the same standard as a 3rd shift attendant at a gas station.
  4. I want to go on record saying; I think police have WAY too much power and discretion for the application of violence. I just happen to believe that they abuse all people, not just blacks. Blacks just perceive it that way due to Americas obvious history of racial abuse. Something has to change, but nothing will if we keep up this false racial narrative. If you or anyone else wishes to indulge, there are some stunning statistics out there that show police abuse toward whites being well in proportion with said behavior toward blacks.
  5. I know some people may think my comments are racist, and that grades on me. Maybe it's my clumsy words....dunno. What I do know is that my daughter has a black boyfriend and, despite him not appreciating my homemade beef stroganoff, he's a good dude and I have no quandary. I just wanted to watch football for the first time in two years. Boy....did I pick a bad day to do that. I hate celebrities whom make political statements. Let's call it a pet peeve. Catch a TD, act in a film, but keep your opinions to yourself, celebrities.
  6. Being stuck in the past will literally get you nowhere. That was a different time. Countless thousands of white kids walk around town with $100 jerseys that have a black mans name on the back of it, and their parents bought it for them for Christmas. Little white girls have posters of hulking black men on their walls and their parents think nothing of it, nor should they. These heroes from another age are ghosts.
  7. I bet I couldn't name 6 Colts players on the team. I never thought I would say that. Which is at the heart of this thread; Why are so many people tuning out? Racism, real or perceived, has no merit for discussion within the realm of sport. I just wanted to watch football. I don't care about their personal political beliefs....at all.
  8. I was trying to get back into football and then today happened. I give up. Congrats NFL. You turned me off like a woman with a beard.
  9. Rosie O'Donnell is a great example of the hypocracy I wish to highlight. She is ardent anti-gun rights . Yet, she has armed body guards. I can't afford such an entourage. I can afford a Glock, however.
  10. That's highly dubious. Somehow Madonna and Johnny Depp now sound British when they talk. They may have lost connection with what really matters, would be my point. Years of being praised like gods has an affect on a persons perceptions.
  11. Ya know...celebrities with countless millions of dollars and charmed lives probably aren't the best people to speak for the common man. To them, the most important issues aren't jobs, the economy, taxes etc. To them, the most important issues facing everyday people are issues like transgender bathroom rights and black criminals being shot while running from the cops afte the commission of a crime.
  12. I just showed you a vid of a white kid being murdered and nobody gave a damn. But we care about Mike Brown, a violent assialant? Why? Because he was black? We are all judged on appearances. Maybe the real problem is the gangsta culture which has our youth emmulating thugs by wearing their pants down to their knees? Present yourself as such an be judged accordingly.
  13. I'm not sure you're intelligent enough for my time. That being said...... They make excuses for the failures of black men in America. That is how you should have comprehended my statements above.
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