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Colts @ Texans Sunday Night Football Game Thread


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Bethea never should have turned on it. The hits, or lack there of keep coming. Keenum was hopping around like the you kid he is after the play. Looked amusing.

Yeah, i think he was as much laughing with disbelief as much as he was celebrating.

Hope chuck calls a time out and starts cracking the whip to get their heads in the game.

This could get ugly.

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    • We will see. I am very happy for Byron Leftwich. The Jaguars saw the success of Zac Taylor, Sean McVay, the young offensive minds being hired around the NFL and felt that was the direction to go with Leftwich.   However the Jaguars, as much as they get fired up to play us, will find a way to mess it up against the rest of the NFL.
    • Hmmm.   26 passes in a row - Loss 16 Rush attempts for Taylor in 2 games.   -  2 losses. Multiple bad 4th down tries Multiple Hines up the gut for nothings Fired for bad play calling by the Chargers. Successful in Philly - Did not call the plays Admitting he didn't realize the play/pass ratio was so wide - Because he cannot handle coaching and play calling at the same time.      
    • I think @Moosejawcolt's approach has been formed by the years of when people who do not know how franchises are run....which would be you, me, and everybody on the forum......simply said "Trust in Ballard".  It takes a lot of repetitive posts to extinguish the residue of kool aid.   To the extent that there is a notion that GMs know what they are doing simply because they hold the position, he tends to come out when its easier to point out that they don't necessarily know what they are doing simply by holding the position.    It mostly settles around the idea that valuing interior talent like FSs, Gs, ILBs, and straight ahead running RBs is the way to winning football......and the idea since that's what Ballard has done makes it smarter.....where as now it seems that even the owner might be beginning to publicly come around to the way that @Moosejawcoltunderstands winning football teams.  Skill positions?   Not that the owner would ever throw his GM and HC under the bus for taking the wrong approach.  He'd say that stuff more directly during the presser that announced their firing.
    • I think everybody agrees that the Colts are lacking weapons.  My question on that front is, what about Nyheim Hines?   Colts are paying him more than they should.  Colts brass are saying they need to get him more involved, but I think doing so at the expense of Jonathan Taylor is a huge mistake.  So how about this, position change for Nyheim Hines?  He super fast and receiving is meant to be his forte, so why not turn him into our version of Tyreek Hill?   Hines is only 1” shorter than Tyreek, but he’s more solid.  Getting the most from your weapons seems to make sense, so convert him to a new position so as to enhance the weapons in the receiving corp.  That way, if Hines is the weapon they think he is, use him as such.  Now all of a sudden, at the same time you’d have Taylor as an uber dangerous running back threat, you’d have Pittman as the big WR target, and you’d have Hines out there too, to really create big play potential mismatches.  Add to the mix a finally healthy (cross fingers) big play dangerous Parris Campbell, or a developing Strachan or Patmon or a big play legit WR1 free agent, and suddenly you have ample weapons for the passing game.     Heck, bring back Marlon Mack on the cheap as your number one RB backup and then you have even yet another weapon.  It’s not like Mack will attract big bucks in free agency.   I think the Colts are stuck with Wentz for one more year, but make these changes and if Wentz cannot thrive next year with such, then you definitively know you need to go in a different direction at QB thereafter.   Anyway, Colts brass all say Hines was under utilized, so take this asset and change things up. Take advantage of the personnel you have and find ways to utilize them effectively. So Hines is the natural guy to look toward, but it cannot be at the expense of taking Taylor off the field.  Simple!
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