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  1. This right here - being in a crappy division, most years they host all their playoff games in Foxborough. (this year..darn you Dee Ford)
  2. Everyone in my house, my wife, her friends, are screaming why is Edelman wide open.... I mean if they can call that out... what were the Rams DID Not see! Geezuz
  3. Yes you speak for me. My dislike for the Patriots is strong and has been going strong for some time . First because they are in the AFC and has been a PITA for the Colts. Second - because it is just plain annoying. Am I envious sure - I would love for Luck to be hosting that trophy - heck anyone else. And I dont care what anyone says about Eli Manning -- he is GOD to me hahaha! Just imagine.... He beat the Pats two times! Everyone talks about how humble Brady is.... I still remember that smirk when he scoffed at the 17 points comment made by the Giants player. "I cringe" at the thought of being called GOAT... give me a break! This is the guy who says he doesn't need sunscreen because he drinks lots of water.... something like that. What the PATS has done is incredible. That is all I can muster up to say!
  4. The games that haunts me the most is the Atlanta game and the Seattle game. I couldn't shake those game off for a couple of days. This Super Bowl was blah and almost expected sadly. Didn't watch any football news or media day. Tuned in for the SB and TV off seconds after the game ended.
  5. I am so tired if hearing if Brady and the Pats. I thought its because we are Colts fans, turns out we r not alone.
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