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Colts @ Texans Sunday Night Football Game Thread


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Welcome back for Colts NFL Gameday on a Sunday Night Colts fans! :) :pass: Our Indianapolis 5-2 Colts are back both on the football field, and on national television, as they are in Houston to play the Texans in an important AFC South matchup. Colts are playing their second straight Sunday Night Football game for NBC Sports, after coming back from their bye week, after defeating the Denver Broncos, and Peyton Manning's return to Indianapolis two weeks ago.

Hopefully our Colts may have an edge over the Texans tonight because Case Keenum, with his inexperience and little playing time on the field as backup to both Matt Schaub and T.J. Yates, is starting against our Colts tonight.

Texans have won their first two games, but have lost their last five games, and also have suffered an interception in the first five games of the season. Gametime starts from Reliant Stadium by 8:20PM, Eastern Standard Time.
NO injuries, and go for win #6, and maintain your winning record after your bye week. GO COLTS!!!!! ;) :thmsup: :rock::excited::coltslogo::coltshelmet::blueshoe::coltshorse::colts::helmet::coltslogo::D

NBC Sports Sunday Night Football Live Feed, can be seen also from your personal computer and iPad, with different camera angles during the game, beginning at 8:00PM Eastern Standard Time:



Colts @ Texans Game Preview (PDF) and NFL Gamecenter:




Colts @ Texans Pregame Injury Reports:



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Thanks again, LOS for setting the table for us.

Well, Schaub is not in there, but hopefully Keenum upholds the tradition of throwing pick-6's.

If our D is stout it will give our O a chance to figure out who will step up for Reggie.

We will win, but it will not be a blowout.  Like CanuckColt said, stuff happens...

GO COLTS - all day, every day!

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I have flipped around since the Chiefs game including the Bucs vs. Seahawks BBC's "Keeping Up Appearances", Pro Surfing, and now Eagles vs. Raiders

I had hopes for the Bills, but they imploded.  That would have been a nice upset.

No worries, I still think KC is a paper lion.  Their second half will expose them.

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