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  1. I agree it's a message board and people will write what they think but some on here have no clue. ***They need to prof read before they hit send***
  2. Didn't the Colts spend big bucks on FA players last year? How did that turn out? (2015 season) Hows about all the computer GM's shut it, and let the Colts people do their jobs.
  3. Listen to the whole speech before you complain OP.
  4. No surprise here..a back that cant stay healthy anymore.
  5. Go root for Cleveland if you want change all the time.
  6. Ah Hello false claims people CBS Sports' Jason La Canfora reports the Colts did not have conversations with Sean Payton or his agent before re-signing Chuck Pagano. This refutes a report from The Tribune-Star's Tom James, who said talks between the Colts and Payton broke down before owner Jim Irsay decided to re-sign Pagano. Either way, the Colts have already committed to Pagano for the long term, and Payton likely remains available for the right offer.
  7. I second this...Go root for Cleveland if you want a coaching change every year!!!
  8. Where did you see or read this? I have't read one statement yet that says he wants to continue coaching.
  9. He just retired for a reason booyee..
  10. Players play for today and their jobs for next season. To ask them to lay down for a draft pick is the dumbest thing to every say to a NFL player. Maybe you can slack off at your job but not NFL players....They get cut and replaced if they did that.
  11. Thanks Patriots, now you can lose the next game.
  12. It was just weeks ago when the Eagles were blown out by the Buccaneers and Lions and everyone was writing them off. Does this loss suck, yes but the Colts can and will get better. You never quit, never give up on the season for a "draft pick". The discussion I've been reading about tanking the rest of the season sounds *ic to me. Any first round draft pick "IS NOT A SOLUTION" to the Colts issues. You stay positive, you work harder and never give up.
  13. Being a Colts' fan your not to root for the Patriots in any sort of way but this weekend you might have to. If the Colt win on Sunday against Jacksonville I guess it really doesn't matter then. But what if the Colts lose, then they need Houston to lose to the Patriots to help with a playoff birth. So, are you rooting for the Patriots Sunday night?
  14. I wish I can really say to the people who want the head coach gone?
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