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  1. I think we are one of the top 6 teams in the league. The Colts just ran into a tough match just like the Chargers did on Sunday. I think our down fall on Saturday was momentum. A missed field goal, some missed throws and a bunch of missed tackles early had the snow ball rolling in KC's way. That happens and they just couldn't over come it.
  2. I agree..Anybody rooting for a lose now this early in the season needs to stop watching football. Go watch checkers or something
  3. No he is doing fine with the resources he has. Stop looking for W's as a way to grade the team.
  4. Anybody that didn't come away from last night game with a sense of pride and optimism of years to come for this Colts team well I'm sorry for you. Yes there is need at some positions but the heart of the team was impressive especially with 8 starters out.
  5. No, Luck never had the arm strength Brissett has. Why do people have to analyze every single thing on this forum?
  6. Yep Brady throws for only 133 yards Bortles and Mariota combine for only 255 yards And R. Wilson throws only 192 yards Really people....
  7. The Colts D is better than thought Ebron needs to catch the ball Rogers needs to catch the ball need a better run game I'm fine with Luck being like Chad Pennington after surgery 1-5 in the red zone against Philly is not good/offense needs to improve in that area Colts are going to win some games this year
  8. I think everyone on here saying the Colts looked bad or Luck was rusty forgot that Baltimore had a pretty good defense last year. The Ravens have a history of playing great "D". Know one on here is giving them any credit which I think they deserve it. I'm more concern with the WR not getting open as there were a few times Luck had nobody to throw to.
  9. We don't need to rush out to sign FA. All the Colts need is a healthy #12 and everything will be fine.
  10. Your 1st choice maybe but not mine.
  11. I think it's simple Chubb or Barkley at the #3 pick? O-line can be addressed in FA.
  12. Pick Barkley in 1st rd if still there at 3 and draft O-line later or sign linemen as the Colts do have cap space.
  13. NO-Josh McDaniels. don't want a proven cheater to run the Colts
  14. You don't get quality of a back like Barkley after the 1st rd.
  15. Give me a break on " completely incompetent coaching staff " on every comment. We all know you do not like Pagano. But the guy has been in the NFL for a long time and well liked by the players. He didn't do so well at the head coaching position, I get it, but "incompetent" is totally unacceptable. It's getting old people!! Some of you need to learn reality.
  16. Yes, I'm going and I'm going to get wet. Bring out the ponchos for the game.
  17. You guys are all writing the Colts' offense wont move the ball on the Broncos Defense. Have you seen the Broncos offense lately? They are worse than the Colts!!!!
  18. I wish for the opposite. Pagano is most likely gone no matter what. A Colts win 20-13.
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