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  1. I wholeheartedly agree with this post lol.
  2. It's 100% silly. How many celebrations go on for more than let's say 15 seconds? If the score for both teams is 28-28, that has both teams scoring 4 TDs, with 4 converted extra points. For 8 TDs total we're talking about a whopping 120 second in "celebrations!" Two minutes. Two minutes in celebrations if you assume they all take 15 seconds to wrap up, and most games don't even have that much action as far as TDs go. Not to mention the vast majority of games that contain field goals. 30 second celebrations? 240 seconds. 4 minutes. 60 second celebrations? 480 seconds. Couldn't be more inconsequential. Like I said before. It's okay to dislike them because of your own personal reasons. But the other excuses are unnecessary. However in my personal view. It's a game. Bouncing around or acting like a fool isn't that big of a deal.
  3. Exactly! And why stop there. I know I personally would be satisfied if we could see I few cold blooded murder spree, type celebrations. Because everything we've mentioned is just the same as jumping up and down, dancing, and using a football as a prop right? Right????? ...................right..........
  4. Saying that celebrations add anything more than a minuscule amount of time to a game is hyperbole at its finest. Its okay to say you don't like them. But to suggest they celebrate in only manners that appeal to you, the general you, is silly.
  5. Right. You're okay with them celebrating in a way you find acceptable. But who cares? They can/should be able to celebrate how ever they want. It's a game.
  6. The amount of concern over dancing I've seen in this thread, is sad/confusing. So the only approved way of celebration is golf clapping, and muted applause? "No one better be having fun out there! Do you think this is a game!!!! Well I mean it is, but don't treat it like you're enjoying yourself in any way. Tow the line and if you so much as gyrate your hips you're going to get a stern talking to!" Let the players celebrate how ever they feel like. If it gets them hyped up, and they're having a good time, there's no issue whatsoever. Outside of ruffling the feathers of very serious, very stern, very rigid football purists.
  7. What isn't getting a lot of play time is the idea that if this issue goes to court, odds are Brady will be playing from the get go. However, if he then loses in court he could be serving that 4 game suspension right before or during the playoffs. Unless there's some NFL rule that I'm not aware of that prevents that. Which is entirely possible, if not probable based on my understanding of the rule book lol.
  8. I was referring to being upfront about the ball tampering taking place. The fighting of that has spiraled to all of this. I think the league and media at large would have swallowed the pill that they didn't mean for the balls to come in under weight, and it was accidental. More so than the back pedaling and lying. Obviously Sups the truth from the beginning would be nice, but that's not the world we live in. It's either admit the truth and lie a little, "I don't know how those steroids got there but I accept responsibility" or outright lies.
  9. While all that is true. Had they simply owned up to it, or owned up to it and then started making lame excuses about temperature, or some insane theory like "Our ball boy wasn't aware the refs had already checked the balls" this isn't as big of a story. Heck they could have then taken the opportunity to throw the ball boy under the bus and claimed he was rouge or something. It's all the extra stuff that followed the accusation that's made this what it is. The BB press conferences. The "Is Tom Brady a cheater?" moments. All the crazy science, Kraft accepting punishment, broken/replaced cell phones, the "Deflator." All of that has led to this. Instead of being more upfront about what took place. Even a little would have gone a long way.
  10. Naw. He just knows what he did hurts any future court case, so now he has to backpedal and act like he was furious about it the whole time. The logic that him accepting punishment somehow is suppose to exonerate Tom is pretty hilarious though.
  11. The greatest aspect of this whole situation is if the Patriots were upfront about all of this from the beginning, none of this would be happening. A simple "Yes Tom likes to play with balls that are deflated a little less so he can grip them better. We thought we had them within the legal range, and it is regrettable that they came in underinflated according to league standards." Do that and there's no outrage, no massive penalties, and this would have been an entirely uneventful offseason. But alas...
  12. By waiting a decade before winning a SB after their first dynasty?
  13. Bravo for the NFL having the guts to not expedite this punishment before the SB. Clearly he's such a cheater that he deserves to miss games next season. But the season during which the supposed cheating took place? Calm down on that guys. We need to review all the facts. Making tough calls doesn't sound very fun.
  14. yeah not like the good ol Texans fans. Burning jerseys at the first sign of their bandwagon team going south. Nothing says loyal like jersey burnings, and threatening QBs at their homes. Those are some deserving fans.
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