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  1. What I don't get is Schefter - who is almost never wrong - broke a story I believe on the day of the AFC Title game "Colts working on monster extension for Luck" http://espn.go.com/nfl/playoffs/2014/story/_/id/12188779/indianapolis-colts-working-parameters-blockbuster-deal-andrew-luck Then things went silent and 'sources' close to the organization said nothing was imminent and the breaks got pumped. Something had to happen, because Schefter got this from someone well placed or he wouldn't have ran with it.
  2. He's going to get more expensive as time goes on, especially if he keeps improving
  3. It's quiet because we are losing out on everyone we were interested in or who could help us. We're going to have to settle for a bunch of second and third tier guys. But at least we got Herremans!
  4. When do you guys think it will get done? Many in the media have said the right move is to do it before the start of next season because a) its the right thing to do and b) it's going to save us money rather than waiting until he's a year closer to FA. Discuss.
  5. Wish that Chuckles could learn to be the "Beat Belichick" whisperer. Bill could end up being his downfall in this game
  6. Would rather have him than Hardy, FWIW. Sure his best days may be behind him. But man I bet he would be a great leader on our defense. I have a friend who is his hunting buddy too.
  7. Best board for the best fan base in the NFL maybe aside from Green Bay
  8. Still remember people arguing with me after the trade when I said he looked awful. Man.... Wish I could dig up every single one of those posts
  9. We can't sign Luck to the contract he deserves if we overpay for Suh. Suh isn't worth it . He will hamstring his new team so bad they will lack depth.
  10. We need a center so badly. I hope they have a true plan. Thought Shipley was one of the best centers in his class when he came out of college. I want Wisniewski
  11. Winston, Mike Evans, Vincent Jackson, Lovie Smith loves to run the ball and play defense. No state tax.
  12. Green-Beckham has character issues like da'rick rogers had. If Da'Rick didn't screw up he would be developing as a superstar in our organization now. This would make me shy away from Green-Beckham.
  13. If our number one priority is re-tooling this line as a unit for years to come? Am I expecting too much if that's the goal in this draft? Yes, he's excellent. I am proposing we take another guy who can play at either side (sliding to LT if Castonzo gets hurt without too much of a slip in skills) and be a road-grader at RT. Peat is a mauler at the next level and played at Stanford where we have had good luck with players. I bet we have good notes on him in scouting
  14. Surprised no one said it - Trent Richardson happened. You can't run a stretch with that guy. We really don't have a back that you can run stretches with. Boom would be the best bet it just never materialized that wasn't the type of offensive team we were at that point.
  15. Man, I want a LT in the first or stud RT road grader, a Center in the 2nd, and a guard later on in the draft who is a steal.
  16. How good could Moncrief be if he develops? realistically?
  17. I really want Andrus Peat in the first round I think, and from there take 2-4 more lineman. Build a line with depth that is young. We could be set there for years. Use the rest of the picks on defense. Use some free agency to add another expensive weapon or two for Luck if possible.
  18. Too easy, you are not giving this enough thought. There will be multiple BPA at multiple positions likely with where we are drafting. We need more than this
  19. I've seen a lot of sentiment from my friends "Luck is a star who will make anyone a star" "Don't draft weapons for him" Ok, fine, but how about building an stud O Line for him through the draft? I am a bit conflicted on which way we should really target the whole draft. Do we draft a pile of good lineman? Do we just build defense and let Luck's talent cover deficiencies on the offensive side? What do you want to see us do, and what do you think we'll do?
  20. Those WR and TE didn't make Manning, he would have made anyone a star and has on countless times; but he had several HOF caliber weapons in Wayne, Harrison and Clark and it made an already monster morph into what we saw here
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