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  1. I would like this signing. Especially if he does really well. I say give him his long term deal, but only guarantee the first year of it so it can be easy to get out of.
  2. I say 10-6, winning the division, winning at least one playoff game, and making the second at least come down to the wire. The AFCCG would be nice, but this team is still young and with the way our luck is with the injury bug I would be happy if we just won the division.
  3. If the Colts get down like last week I say no chance, but if it's close in the fourth quarter I say the Colts win. I have faith in this team I just hope the defense that played in the last three games of the season shows up and not the one from last week.
  4. I think this will be his best game of the year. 35-45 405 yds 5 TD 0 INT
  5. Kevin Bowen ‏@KBowenColts6m Daniel Adongo is OUT with a hamstring injury. Sergio Brown OUT with a groin. Hence DHB on special teams.
  6. I say no, unless someone leaves for a better job. Hamilton can get blamed for the slow starts, but Dwayne Allen has said recently that this isn't even the same offense that they were running in OTA's and TC. I think next season we should see improvement in the Offense for sure.
  7. I can't wait to see the three headed monster for next season with Ballard, Richardson, and hopefully Brown has done enough in the past few weeks to give him a shot at staying here.
  8. I recorded the game so that I could re-watch it closely today, but from what jumped off the screen at me is that TRich was not and is not the problem for our horrendous running game, whenever Trent is in the D loads the box and once the ball is snapped they set the edge, that's not good at all. If you want to be a power run team you can't allow the defense to get push up the middle and let them set the edge. This is coming from a person who isn't too thrilled about TRich anyway. The only two linemen I have no problem with are Cherlius and Thornton as Cherlius is playing like a RT should and su
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