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Colts @ Cardinals, 12/25/21, 8:15 PM ET


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Just now, IndySouthsider said:

I feel like that that may be a good thing. Jones had ate his lunch!

There is no universe where our fifth backup OL is an upgrade on Jones from Fisher.

Just now, coming on strong said:

i swear if the colts put daven port in the game to block jones its gonna be a massacre .  put pryor in at tackle and bring fries in at guard

No choice....  Pryor hasn't played any Lot in a long time.

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Just now, IrsaysArmy said:

This game Will most likely be getting turned off. Arizona is way more fired up. Our boys can’t stay on the field. Davenport vs Chandeler Jones lol. 

I don't understand the massive stroking out energy in that stadium.  I mean, cool it's a home game....were not rivals, they are all but gauranteed a playoff spot....is there just nothing else to do or think about in AZ?

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