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Oh shush, you literally only ever post when stuff is going against us. You're a stormweather fan. 

To all the doubters: Peace!    I've been quick at times to dog on Luck but I made a point never to trash Luck or give up since Luck played well vs Houston. Even though we lost that game I le

27 to 24. I was right! Believe in Blue!   God bless, Trolls.

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    • The question might be better framed around "confidence".   If I had to rank my 2022 confidence from lowest to....   1. MIKE - performed mediocre in 2020, will be taking a bigger role in 2021 2. LT - nobody under contract in 22, coming back from injury, 30 years old 3. CB1 - nobody under contract in 22, 31 years old, CB2 struggled in 2020 so him taking over CB1 is questionable.  4. WR1 - aged and has history of health issues. Heir apparent candidates are rook X (Xs are not frequently WR1s), and the primary candidate for replacement has been injured every year. 5. FS - rook that struggled mightily in coverage after teams got film 6. DE - Turay is an injury vs flash guy at this point, Dayo is a injured rook projection, and Lewis is stepping into a starting role as a tweener. 7. QB - we're pretty much committed for 2 years, so probably doesn't matter for 22   This all assumes we re-sign WILL, RT, and LG to extensions. LG already has 5th year exercised.   
    • lol. you said it was your last post... feel free to post again and I will not reply, so you can "win". I was only hoping you'd address the question/point that you're still avoiding.   Point is, you have not addressed the question specifically about the last 5 years. I guess the Bengals have bucked their history lol. It's not a theory, it's just data. Like I said, I like Irsay, but we simply haven't spent the last 5 years. And like I previously said, GMs don't complain about their budgets publicly. And there's just not a great way to explain 2 straight years of not spending 40+M. You don't have to spend it all, you don't have to sign long term deals.... But that's a lot of money to not spend.
    • No I am not I am looking at a history of a guy who has owned this team for a longer period of four or five years you only want to look at because it supports yours theory but even then it only works if you ignore what the GM has said about not spending money and that he’s about to spend very big money to do what he said he was going to do all along.  Again if you think Jim Irsay is a cheap owner you don’t know what a cheap owner is but think what you want.     any I am sure you will want the last word as you always do have a nice night.
    • And that's fine. We can revisit this at the end of the year. All I'm doing is giving my thoughts on the matter before it becomes evident.
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