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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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    • I wish you guys would have picked him. Now I have to deal with him twice a year with the Steelers !
    • Peyton's resume = 5 League MVP's - world record, 1 SB MVP, 2 SB wins with 2 different teams/2 different coaches, over 70,000 yards passing for his career, has the record in 1 season with 55 TD's passes.   I put the 2nd one in bold because I know deep down he wants to be the only one that has accomplished that. I don't think the Bucs will win it all but they will come close, like NFC Title Game IMO. Brady is that great.
    • And the point being? I brought up his name to show a time bucket.  The years labeled Grigson.  You got all triggered up and went into a diatribe about comparing GMs just because you read the name and didn't bother to understand the context.   Again, the standard YOU used to show that we are getting good mileage out of the draft picks was to say that "if we had Luck we would be a playoff team"   Forget the name Grigson if you can, because you get all trolled up and triggered.   By that standard, then this roster is no different than at any time in the past 7 years when we went to the playoffs?    Or farther back, the past 20?   Or by that standard alone are you saying that this roster is better, and the one we had 15 years ago is better, but the roster we had in the middle is worse simply because it is.  Using the standard of going to the playoffs when we have a healthy franchise QB as the tool of measure.  
    • I’m not sure this move will help that much, but it’s a low risk, decent reward scenario.  From what I saw , he couldn’t get separation from DB’s in Dallas a couple of years ago, even before his injury.  I guess that is why he is on the practice squad. 
    • He must definitely does and he’s educated himself on the parts he wasn’t there for.  I can understand why people in Baltimore don’t like the Irsays but make no mistake Jim is not his father and takes his role in making sure the whole history is remembered very seriously.  Rest assured as long as Jim’s around the Baltimore Colts will never been forgotten.  In way they get celebrated twice because Jim will honor them as Colts and the Ravens will honor them as part of the football history in Baltimore.  
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