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Colts Vs.Dolphins Game Day Thread


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Just now, SteelCityColt said:

There we go folks... it was ugly, we were off our game but we won. Luck shows again that he can shrug off a bad start and put the team on his back. True leader.


Strange that folk stop posting as we pulled it back... 



Great...…..great...…….great point...…….. WE JUST WON A GAME WHERE WE DID NOT PLAY OUR BEST GAME !

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Hooooooly guys this team kills me haha 


In September and October, we lose this game. The way this game was going, what with all the shooting themselves in the foot, it reminded of the Jets game.


But they persevered and got it done. What an effort. And what a play by Luck. 

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2 minutes ago, Lucky Colts Fan said:

Hey @needanoline63 did you see the block by BigQ on that last pass by Luck?


He put his man in concrete shoes to keep Luck clean and give him time to find Rogers.


Pretty good block, huh?

Pure gator country. 


I honestly am shocked that we won given how we played. But lord does Andrew have pocket awareness. If he doesn’t get out of the pocket, that big throw never happens. I’ll take the W!

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Just now, 2006Coltsbestever said:

I knew we had it all along :sarcasm:. I have to admit, this game had me on edge and my blood pressure is off the charts, chewing Tums now. What a freakin huge win. This team is exciting. 

I love the games.....always..but there's a time in a game I expect we'll win..that I start imagining a loss.


Like 'Oh, no. we're about to lose"..at that point..its suffering down to the final second

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1 minute ago, DraftMaster said:

To all the doubters: Peace! 


I've been quick at times to dog on Luck but I made a point never to trash Luck or give up since Luck played well vs Houston. Even though we lost that game I learned an important lesson:


Never Doubt Our Boy Luck! :applause::billiejean::monkeydance::scoregood::thmup::jump::FlamingoDancing::yahoo::excited::banana::dance::clover::gym::strong::shake::fireworks:

This was gigantic! 

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