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  1. Edit to add, I think the rule is 2 passes attempted from behind the line of scrimmage AND completed. Obviously, if its passed the LOS, it's a penalty, or if it's incomplete, it's dead. End edit. The 2 forward pass was because of something Tom Brady did last year. A pass was thrown, batted back to Brady, and Thrown again for a gain of 8. It was 3rd and 10. It was an illegal forward pass. 5 yard penalty, repeat the down. 3rd and 15. Or decline and it's 4th and 2. Either way, the Offense gets another opportunity with 4th and short or 3rd and long. The rule is
  2. “He was bigger than I thought he was,” same thing Pat said on his show the other day.
  3. It's an entertainment industry(NFL). They've been doing more media stuff since Ballard came aboard. I personally like it. It's not like they put stuff out there that they don't want.
  4. Hopefully he plays next week
  5. Having both pulled and strained calf muscles, I would say he’ll probably feel fine next week if it’s a strain. Problem is, as soon as he puts stress on it, he strains it again. I’d guess he’s out 2 weeks
  6. For all those complaining about not scoring, it’s tough to score from the victory formation
  7. Injuries and egos are unpredictable. Don’t be too naive to think either can hit at anytime. You’ll know it’s a dynasty when everyone is complaining about the team winning too much.
  8. I’ve watched a few previews to his ‘Detail’ breakdowns. I’m considering paying the $5/mo for it. Each breakdown video is 20-30 minutes.
  9. it's an extreme long shot, but if the Steelers lose out(Saints/Pats/Bengals), and the Ravens lose to the Chargers or Bucs(either could happen) the Browns would have to win the next 2(Broncos/Bengals) and the winner of week 17 Browns vs. Ravens would win the division at 8 wins. The Steelers losing to the Bengals is the most unlikely to happen for any of this to work. But if Hue could just do one good deed and beat the Steelers, it would make up for 3 years of Sadness for when he was in Cleveland. Highly unlikely, but still not unreasonable. Of course, I grew up a browns fan. When t
  10. IMO, the most important team stat besides scoring, is 3rd down efficiency. Our defense is at the bottom and our offense is at the top. I know the D is playing better, but it seems like they get 2 good stops only to give up a big play on 3rd down.
  11. and just like that, where going to the Super Bowl!!!!
  12. When are ST players going to realize you can't hit a guy like that. That's stuff you learn in High school.
  13. I swear, more contact allowed in golf. The NFL is going to drive fans away.
  14. Given the way the Defense was playing, I agreed with going for it at the goalline. The 4th and 1 where they ran with Ebron was the only one I didn't like. But there was plenty of game left for them to make up 3 points. It just did not happen. At the end of the game, they could have kicked a FG with 2:38 remaining. But if the D doesn't get the stop, Everyone would want the coaches head. Get the FG and a 3 and out, then the O only needs a FG to take it to OT. No need to blame the coach. The Jag D earned that win. They played like it was 2017 again.
  15. I've seen the rule applied when a player runs backwards out of bounds with less than 2 minutes. The ref will keep the clock running in that situation too. It wasn't the wrong call. But like Gene Steratore(Network Ref) said, it's a judgement call and given the game situation, he would have stopped the clock.
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