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  2. as it is seen mostly after bad season change might be needed
  3. I would. I paid to see Gooden pitch against the Mets on my birthday. Lol. How do you like that for a birthday outing? We lost to Gooden and the Yankees.
  4. El Mago out, ankle injury but doesn't look serious. Up 6-1, go rest magic man we got this!
  5. I like Brissett but we would be 7-9 maybe 8-8 if lucky with him starting this season. Luck gives us a plus 4 IMO and a chance at the final 4 or a SB. I say 11-5 with Luck.
  6. Today
  7. Not saying this is a spite against Ballard because of the crap roster and the circumstances of how soon Brisett was entrenched into the starting lineup, but we did only win 4 games without Luck
  8. You pay Ballard money to build a great team with as much open cap space as possible so when a can't miss but higher cost player (or one of your own like Nelson or the Maniac or other high performance Colts players they WANT to resign) is available on the FA market. It takes a lot of restraint and technique to build a team without throwing money at it. I am thinking of teams like the Browns who sooner than you think will be in Cap hell if they plan on keeping all those big name players. Conserve now so you have something to eat later. It goes for football and everything else in life. I just wanted to say, good response. And acknowledge you responded to him before I got to it. The best point being that Ballard has that amount of money to use as he sees fit without having to go ask "Dad" for the money each time. That is the only way to run a team in any workplace. The boss hires the right people to handle the work and keeps his focus on things Owners have to be involved in, which is everything above what goes on the field. Owners that micromanage rarely win anything. I think it is even more impressive since few owners have as much hands on experience and knowledge with their franchise as Irsay has, which few people seem to mention.
  9. Yeah I wanted him gone and so did Hozer. All Cubs fans disliked him. Our hitting took a dip with him at the helm.
  10. You and Hozer both said that. I think you or Hozer told me that the Mets were in big trouble when they hired Davis. Mets fans are fed up. I read that he had been fired at 2-3 jobs already.
  11. Cubs 4-0 through 4 innings. Professor still with a no hitter. Cubs look so awesome, after sucking for so many seasons, these last 5 seasons I feel spoiled now. 2016 Championship and 5 straight playoff appearances is coming if health holds up.
  12. Mets fans are Being swept by the lowly Marlins and getting shut out this weekend. That's embarrassing. Mets fans are ready to ship Chili Davis out.
  13. Thanks...yeah technically the Bills drafted Kelly in 83 and held his rights. Kelly opted to play for the USFL for awhile and wanted to sign with the LA Raiders. However it was Polian that finally was able to convince Kelly to sign with the Bills. Here is a good article about it... https://www.timesreporter.com/article/20150730/SPORTS/150739882
  14. Nice point, Jim Kelly is a top 20 QB ever with ease . He was great and a hall of famer.
  15. I’m talking about Bill Polian over his career. Jim Kelly with the Bills. Manning with the Colts.
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  17. Sorry... I’m not following? Who drafted two franchise QBs? Not Polian, he drafted Peyton. Luck was drafted on Grigson’s watch. Who are you referring to?
  18. That is the main reason why Peyton is top 3 ever. No QB will ever do that again either Imo.
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