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  2. 2009 panthers I believe. Stewart and Williams. I think it’s only ever happened like 6 times in nfl history. Though technically it happened last year with Lamar Jackson and Mark Ingram in Baltimore.... obviously that wasn’t 2 RB though.
  3. For those of us who have watched for so many years...the tradition was that at the end of the NA......here come the players!! It had an excitement all it's own, at it was better. JMO...
  4. When I was playing and coaching the NA was the sign for us to start going to the field or the coaches to wrap up their pep talk
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  6. Good point. It doesn't seem to be an issue, but possibly, with how some teams come out flat sometimes? Definitely seems counter productive, but at the same time. The NA gets players jacked up in it's own right because they knkw its game time. Its such a big tradition though, I don't see it going away.
  7. I find nonproductive To make the players stand at attention for the NA after getting them pumped in the locker room and player announcements
  8. Probably easiest solution. However I think the most impactful application, is letting them kneel, whoever so chooses to, in the open for all to see. Not just hide them. Sometimes things shouldn't be so easy.
  9. I say this as a genuine consideration in light of the statements Goodell and the NFLs recent statements....will The Washington Redskins finally be pressured into changed their name? I know they have stated numerous times in the past they never will and have received support from the NFL but now they NFL have taken the new stance they have it will be interesting to see if this rears its head again.
  10. Clowney was already gone, but I still expect them to recead a little bit.
  11. I prefer that they go back to coming out of the locker room after the national anthem. That's that way it was for decades.
  12. Texans ready to collapse any second; 3 key losses with no replacements: Clowney DJ Reader Deandre Hopkins Three key impact players with no replacements. Also JJ Watt will be 31 when the season starts and he has had some injuries the past few years.
  13. Some we dont know about yet. Cant rule any of the young guys out yet. Tua Haskins Herbert Stidham Jury is out on Bridgewater too. Still surprised he is this low.
  14. Brady was showing his age late last season and to think at 43 and with a whole new system that his team is going to be a world beater is amusing to me. He will have nothing left in the tank by game ten.
  15. This list is making it obvious why QBs are the highest paid players. Not a single one of those players is a viable starter. We are almost up to 25% of the league not having a starting QB. With the shortened offseason, defenses should feast this year on the bottom dwellers.
  16. Before each game, ALL the players take a knee in a moment of silence for the cause before the National Anthem aspect of the games are considered. Once that moment of silence has concluded, then ALL players and fans stand for the National Anthem as the loud speakers always have instructed us to do. Then we play football. This solves it and I for one would believe that no fan or player or anyone would object to this. I personally don't have a twitter, but my buddy has tweeted this idea out to the prez and I would ask that if any of you have a twitter might do the same. Either tweeting the prez, the nfl, or Irsay or all of the mentioned. Whoever. What we don't need right now is anymore division within anyone or anything.
  17. It might be a bold prediction but that's what makes it fun. Realistically I see top 3, an improvement upon last year.
  18. I think a top 5 rushing attack could be in the cards. Tops in the NFL, I don't see it. We'd have to pick up 70+ yards per game against the Ravens. Add in the passes to RB's (Hines) in the backfield and I think we'll see something like 150 rushing yards per game and 230 yards passing. That would be a great offense.
  19. Welcome back brother, no matter what the Colts do this season, you won.
  20. The new is almost always more promising that the old, but in this case, the new has a lot more promise than the old considering the combined same stage of careers.
  21. Any player in the NFL could be injured in training camp and miss the season. That's a given. That should not disqualify speculation by fans based on a player's abilities.
  22. I think both have a good chance to break 1,000 total yards from scimmage, but not sure about rushing yards. I know neither back has been known for receiving, but with Rivers, I think they both end up with more catches than most are expecting.
  23. Yesterday
  24. I see the makings of a ball control offense. A solid runnings game will make our passing offense go. Mack, Taylor, Wilkins and Hines. I like it
  25. Well 06 was Addia’s rookie yr and he was killing... i still remember the opener in New York’s new stadium Against the giants he was abusing them
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