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  1. I'm not surprised the Ravens took Brown considering how much success they had with Steve Smith, another very small receiver.
  2. This Penny Hart? Was he sick at the combine?
  3. I'm surprised this guy didn't get drafted. Second best combine rating for WR
  4. No. Several good WR available.
  5. From TheDraftNetwork... "Competitive Toughness - Elite competitor with sterling football character. Work ethic and leadership, both vocal and by example, are off the charts. Physical with a hot motor in all phases of the game, often chirping after the play. " Definitely a Ballard type of guy
  6. The two I really like on this list are Chauncey Gardner-Johnson and AJ Brown. Would be great if we could get both.
  7. This is from TheDraftNetwork profile of Cody Ford... "Competitive Toughness -Plays with the intent to put you in a grave. Works through the whistle well and has the demeanor you want as a blocker. Takes aggressive effort in pass protection to ensure he's hitting someone after executing primary responsibilities." Oh yeah, he would fit in with the Colts OL quite well
  8. I agree with Exodus. Butler's NFL.com profile makes it clear, drops are a big concern. I don't want Darrius Heyward-Bey 2.0
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