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  1. Great video, I only started following the sport the year before Edge left so never really got to see just how good he was before his injury. I'd also forgotten just how convincing Peyton's play action was. Amazing stuff.
  2. Nice. Would love to have met him, my wife was wearing her Clark jersey. I nearly went for my Sanders one but it wasn't as comfortable as it used to be... odd one that.
  3. I'll be buying mine on Thursday hopefully. Will be my third Wembley game and my second Colts game
  4. Woohoo, couldn't be happier the Colts are finally coming to Wembley. Hopefully the UK Colts fans can get the place as loud as LOS
  5. Expedia or other travel websites should let you add in extra destinations so you can get a feel for prices that way. My wife and i had to go man-philly-denver-indy-philly-man this summer cos we had to fit in a reunion in wyoming, but still wanted to spend some time in indy. the only problem i ever face with travelling over christmas is the weather.... our airports in the uk can do a terrible job of keeping runways open. Still waiting on visiting my first colts game. was due to see them play the titans a couple years back but ended up having to cancel and visit in feb instead. I desperately wan
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