Colts @ Broncos Game Day Thread

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Just now, 2006Coltsbestever said:

Nice stop. 3-3. That Screen pass was lucky, we deflected and they still got 44 Yards on it, makes me SMH.

So true

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5 minutes ago, a06cc said:

Also whatever happened to the chat?


It's up and going. Look at the menu and select "Chat"

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Good pressure by Den but Luck should've had that.  Good news is it looks like his shoulder is fine, lol.

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Just now, oldunclemark said:

Game is too fast.........our defense is on the field a lot


Yeah and they actually got off to a decent start...not for long if we can't sustain drives 

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    • If they got Griffin they have a shot to beat anyone.  CP3, Harden and George or Melo on the other hand, would be tough but out of GS and CLE league in my opinion.  The Spurs could possibly still beat them.  I think Melo would fit better because he could play power forward.  I don't think Houston has the young pieces that Ind wants to cut loose of George.  Plus I don't think George would re-sign there. 
    •   Telling everyone he is on schedule is not a lie and not hiding behind anything. Why do you need to make an issue out of not having a date? He is in the healing process and there more than likely is not a hard date to give. It is his right to keep anything medical a private matter if he chooses to. There are laws protecting his rights just like for me or you.
    • I don't disagree with you but they have literally nobody inside.  Melo might be able to play power forward.  They still don't beat the Warriors or Cavs with Geroge, Harden and Paul, I think the Spurs could still beat them to be honest.  I don't think they'll get George because he won't re-sign there nor do they have the young pieces to trade that Ind would want.
    • Then tell the truth then, stop hiding behind "we are on schedule" or "it feels good"! What do you expect then? Geez..   I don't know why Luck can't say "yes I'm behind the recovery stage" or " yes I'm scheduled to start throwing in 2 weeks" ?   Why all the hiding?
    • He shouldn't be sick of asking. Knowing that he needed the surgery why wasn't it done week 17? Because we lost in London. Did he have something to prove? This organization has spun all the the questions on players injuries especially his. So that's why the questions are being asked everyday. 
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