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Colts @ Broncos Game Day Thread

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It's a good thing DT dropped that. He may have taken it to the house otherwise. Run D is pretty good right now. Can't wait to see our secondary healthy. 

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Just now, snkdy said:

Offense has to get something going here.


7 points would definitely do wonders.

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Luck needs to do a better job not leading his receivers into big hits.  He had a few like that last week too, if I recall correctly

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    • Going into the season there were some that thought Pascal wouldn't make the roster. I had him as a #4, he is good enough to be a #3 IMO. 
    • That could be written about him now.   What i see, is that his negatives should be fixable.   I think JB can be successful.  I think now you have to gameplan and script well to help him.  And i feel , in time, he can improve the down the field stuff.     He protects the ball, so with a good D he could be “the guy.”   But is he “the guy” for the Colts.      I’m not gonna bash JB.  I respect what he has done.  I just hope Reich/Ballard ate realistic in what he can be and if that is enough.  I dont have the expertise to know.  Heck, its a guess for Reich and Ballard.   I do, however, support drafting a QB (hopefully one with promise, not back-up ceiling quality) to compete and possibly be the future.     JB was thrust into a terrible position 2 years ago and he never complained.  In fact, all he did was gain the respect and faith of coaches and teamates. Then, this year, he is thrust unexpectedly into following a “generational talent” that replaced a “goat” and once again, he handled it with class.  Now i agree i’d like to see more from him, but with the issues this tear its hard to tell whos to blame.  I’m not sure he’s the answer, bit i also think many QBs would have struggled here.  Look at how Brady is doing without receiver help.
    • So why the love from Parcells, Reich and Ballard? Must be his personal character and leadership they like so much. They never talked about Luck that way...that I know of.
    • I look at Pascal as a #3 but that is my opinion. Average, not great/not bad. 
    • Until you can prove otherwise, JB is taking us nowhere.  
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