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Hi, Colts fans!   :)  Our Indianapolis Colts move on from their disappointing season opening home loss at LOS (the building) last Sunday, as the Colts are  in Colorado, to play the  Super Bowl 50 Champions Denver Broncos, in both teams 26th all-time regular season meeting between the teams.  Colts also seek to win their first regular season win at the Mile High City in six years.


Both the Colts and Broncos have a battle this afternoon of young quarterbacks.  Besides a recovered Andrew Luck ready for game action today after missing most of the 2015 season suffering with a lacerating kidney, and partially torn abdominal muscle, the Broncos will start Trevor Siemien, who was the third-string QB in the Broncos depth chart behind Manning and current Texans starter Brock Osweiler.


Both the Broncos and Colts do not have to worry this afternoon the presence of former QB, and future Pro Football Hall Of Famer Peyton Manning and his impact and legacy,  since he subsequentially announced and decided to retire as an active player, after leaving the game as a champion by his and the Broncos winning Super Bowl 50 last February in Santa Clara, CA.


Colts defeated the Broncos in their last regular season road win in Denver by the score of 27-13 back on September 26, 2010.  Adam Vinatieri scored two field goals from 38 and 33 yards in the first quarter, Peyton Manning threw three touchdown passes,  two from 23 yards and 5 yards to Austin Collie, and a 9-yarder to Blair White, followed by three PAT's by Vinatieri.


Colts also defeated the Broncos in their 2014 AFC Divisional Playoff Game, their last win in Denver, also played at Sports Authority Field at Mile High Stadium. Colts RB Dan Herron scored a 6-yard touchdown, then Andrew Luck threw two touchdown passes,  3 yards to Dwayne Allen, and  15 yards to Hakeem Nicks, following three PAT's, and a 30-yard field goal by Adam Vinatieri, to upset the Broncos at their home turf 24-13 back on January 11, 2015.  Colts eventually lost the following Sunday to the Patriots in the AFC Championship "Deflategate' Game, resulting in Tom Brady's current suspension.


Indianapolis defeated Denver in their most recent meeting played at LOS back on November 8, 2015. AV kicked the game winner with his 55-yard field goal with 6:13 remaining in the fourth quarter, helping the Colts win 27-24.  That  win earned the Colts the current lead in the all-time series, including two playoffs games, at 13 wins and 12 losses, a rivalry that began when the Broncos defeated the Baltimore Colts 17-6 in both teams first-ever regular season meeting since the 1970 AFL-NFL Merger played at Memorial Stadium back on November 10, 1974.


Sunny and clear skies at 85 degrees is the game forecast inside the Sports Authority Field At Mile High Stadium for the 4:25PM Eastern Standard Time kickoff, along with  0% precipitation, 11% humidity, and mild eastern winds at 7 miles per hour.   


Colts are wearing the traditional all-white with blue trim helmet, jerseys, and pants, while the host Broncos are wearing their orange helmets and jerseys, and white pants.


NO injuries to both the Colts and Broncos, and let's hope Andrew tries to show comeback player of the year potential, as he helps the Colts win their first game of their 2015 regular season away in Denver!  GO COLTS!!!!!   :rock:  :coltslogo:  :1colts:  :colts::coltshelmet:    :coltslogo:


Colts @ Broncos Live NFL Game Centers And Team Injury Reports:










Colts @ Broncos NFL On CBS Late Primary Doubleheader Game TV Coverage Map In Red:








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I do have a weird feeling we will play another close, high scoring game. Even with the potential to get away with a win. Hope Chuck has the players ready to play out of the gate, not another lethargic first half please..

With the still injured D, Luck and co still have the pressure of needing to score on most offensive possessions.


Go Colts, please re-energize us for this season!!

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18 minutes ago, LucasOilStadium said:

Another interesting factoid: Colts have not had a running back rush for at least 100 and more yards in 50 or 51 straight games.

I think @Dustin posted a tweet saying that's the 3rd longest streak in NFL history, with the longest being 55 games.  Kinda sad...


We did have 100+ rush yards last year at least once.  Not a single rusher, but as a team

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    • At least you didn’t become a Steelers fan ! As far as the throwback, he literally put merchandise in the team shop saying Baltimore Colts ! The ultimate throwback ! To your point that the fans weren’t interested in the Colts, that’s not quite true . Attendance was down because of poor product at the time, but that happens in most cities. As usual, it was an owner versus the city for a better stadium and revenue , and the fans get run over in the process.  As far as acknowledging Baltimore, the point is acknowledging the history correctly as it was at the time. That’s all I’m saying. The fans and the Ravens never abandoned the Baltimore Colts legacy. If the fan base didn’t care, you wouldn’t have the Unitas statue, Baltimore Colts in the Ravens ring of honor, or the Super Bowl 5 trophy here. We also use the old Baltimore Colt fight song , for the Ravens, with slightly different lyrics, and the old Colt marching band is now the fighting Ravens. We’ve had a lot of old Baltimore Colts like Bruce Laird, Tom Matte, and Stan White covering Ravens games on TV and radio. Many of us own a lot of old Colts memorabilia. So the fans do care.  So to us, the Baltimore Colts is our throwback history even though the NFL doesn’t say that.  I get where you are coming from, but to me, it was Baltimore Colts fan, 12 years in the desert, Baltimore Ravens fan. I have a lot of respect for the Indy Colts history post 1984. Good city, good fans, their own unique history.  I’m not against Indy putting together a Baltimore Colts throwback night or uniform, but don’t time travel Deforest Buckner back to 1956 in clumsy promos  ! At least you had Lenny there at the stadium. That was more appropriate. 
    • And you have beaten it to DEATH Twice over, yes you have written enough for a book, and haven't moved the needle one iota.   Frank IS Frank so as long as he is the coach many more needleless books to follow.   It is very unfortunate for you Frank is our coach. We must all be hoping we get even an Average D, so that winning more of these close games can help unload the steam from your offensive guru boiler. Yes we know your not a guru, i just wanted to spark another 500 words for the fun of it.  It is amazing Frank is putting up this many PPG ALREADY with this QB and modest receiving core. What fun it would be if we had 4th-5th year TY.   You wouldn't be saying Squat about the play calling!!!  If Bo thought he knew defense, it would have been 10,000 words complaining about Flus. Flus is developing pass rushers, has a weak set in the d backfield, and is killing it with turnovers. Wait till 22 to see what Ballard does to help our seive of a D.
    • I kept my i on him in pre-season. At guard he was knocking guys back and maintaining contact very well. Had some bully in him. Potential as a center also. Kelly isn't irreplaceable. By a players year 3, thinking Pinter and Fries, they should be prepared for solid starter duty if they ever will be.
    • They were in pass D coverage according to Arians, just FYI.  When they committed to stopping the run, they did, they're really good.  Hard truth is they were better at stopping the run than we were at running, so we passed.  The Bucs v the run are not the other 31.
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