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Colts @ 49ers, October 24, 2021, 8:20PM ET


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1 minute ago, Smoke317 said:

Pittman put it on the ground twice. Look how Hines is carrying it.  More about protection than gaining yards. I still think you e gotta trust JT though.  Not trusting him cost us the Ravens & Steelers games last season. 

Do you mean Taylor instead of Pittman

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24 minutes ago, throwing BBZ said:


  Pittman is a DOG and Proving himself as a #1. I think he is Fast enough!! haha

 It's OK if you can't see it.

 Don't worry about it, smarter people than you already havee it figured out.
  A shame we didn't make the 2 as we would be up 7 instead of the 6 you and the other just don't getters have been whining about for an hour. 

Made me laugh.  Thx

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