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  1. I feel bad for Hurts already. He is in a no-win situation in Philly and I predict that things will end badly. Once he is with a decent program he should be able to have a ok career. Im not sure he is going to start for anyone but can be a great backup.
  2. RE: Intelligence Wentz had the highest wonderlic of the 3 (40). Wentz has never seen a grade below "A" throughout his entire education. He is pretty smart for a human.
  3. I hope Wentz has no press conferences, no twitter posts and no interviews until after the first game. Speak softly and carry a big stick. He has a lot to prove and words do nothing for him right now. Just be one of the players on the team and let your performance do the talking. JMHO.
  4. Pittman said selling numbers is * move and that he is against doing it. In his opinion you either give it away for free or keep it. I like his style.
  5. Radunz? Hes a beast and will die before he quits on a play. I am really looking forward to watching him in the league. He does need to put on some size/mass to play against the animals in the NFL though.
  6. You mean "He's throwing to Subway employee, Bus driver, Janitor, Never heard of him, and never heard of her."
  7. I can tell you all how this is going to go. If Wentz does his first press conference wearing a ridiculous colorful outfit trying to look like Cam Newton you guys are in trouble. If he shows up in a hoodie or camo he is back to his roots and will do great. Thats my prediction.
  8. Another often ignored issue for the Eagles was the absolute lack of a decent ground game. The had no RBs and it forced them to become very one dimensional.
  9. Wentz has been holding the ball too long for sure. Brady has an average time to throw around 2.5 seconds. Wentz is around 5 seconds. A lot of this is receivers not running correct routes. I use the term "receiver" loosely since he was throwing mostly to guys who worked at Subway in their previous careers. Wentz needs to fix his mechanics, settle down and stop playing hero ball and develop chemistry with the Colts receivers. The receivers he had in philly were garbage.
  10. Why are you guys obsessing about something that both parties that are involved care so little about. Its kind of weird. This is not a big deal.
  11. If Pittman and Wentz have bad blood isnt it kind of odd for them to be hanging out in California throwing the ball around? The answer is: No bad blood exists, its just the media cooking up drama for some clicks.
  12. I completely agree. If you look at Tannenbaum career, he has failed at pretty much everything he has tried to do. I dont put much stock in his opinion.
  13. You are not superstitious at all? I totally get why Pittman wants to keep his number.
  14. A "cultural fit" in philly is nearly impossible for Wentz (I wont go into the reasons due to the board rules). The Eagles locker room is a disaster for myriad reasons. I doubt any QB in Wentz situation would have done well. ND people dont do drama and the Eagles are nothing but drama. The media reporting "anonymous sources" split the locker room into "against Wentz" or "defend Wentz" and management did nothing to resolve the issue. Wentz was in a no-win situation. The Eagles will be garbage until they can fix their internal issues and Hurts is in for a very bumpy road. I predict the p
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