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Colts @ Jaguars Game Day, September 13, 2020

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Colts.com provides legal ways to watch and listen to the game. See Watch/listen Colts   Good luck! 

Never take #17 off the field again please...

Minshew won't be able to see DeForest through the trees

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    • Jets have already said they are not trading Darnold in season.
    • Here are the potential scenarios I see for acquiring QB of the future   1. Buying low on a still young, green former high draft pick (in this case Sam Darnold) with the intent that a change of scenery, new coaching staff can help him realize his potential and draft status. Titans did this with Ryan Tannehill and it seems to have paid off fo for the time being.  Obviously, the front office and coaching staff have to believe the guy can be turned around and thrive in the right system, environment.   2.  Mailing in the season in a draft where it is QB rich in top end talent or a franchise changer is available.  A risky one because every year there are highly ranked QB prospects with tools to become a "franchise QB" available but a lot of them turn out to be Marcus Mariotta, Blake Bortles or Tim Couch.  Getting the wrong end of this can really set the franchise back a long time (look no further than the 1980's and early 90's Colts).     3.  Pulling a Tom Brady/Russell Wilson and finding the guy in later draft rounds.  This is what many hoping what we did with Eason, but, realistically, the odds of doing this are extremely low.  Bad idea to bank on this as it is akin to hoping you win the lottery IMO.   4.  Trading up in the 1st round  or using a mid 1st round pick to take an undervalued, unrecognized superstar.  Requires good scouting and most importantly a coaching staff that can identify skill sets that  mesh well with what they are trying to do offensively.  Also takes some foresight to be somewhat of a pioneer in previously overlooked skills sets.     Of the four scenarios outlined, I see 1 and 2 as being the most realistic.  2 is painful, but if done properly, it can lead to getting things in order pretty quickly especially if the rest of the supporting pieces are in plac..  
    • Since trade talk is prominent around the forum right now.   What chance do you think that the Colts might bring someone in? Or perhaps send someone out(Brissett)?   Any names or positions stick out as possibilities?
    • I can’t believe it’s Week 8 already, but here we are. What questions do you have as the Colts get ready to take on the Lions? Thanks, as always.
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