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    • I understand how talent rolls off and onto a team and how priorities are matched against capital.   Are you not understanding my question?  If you don't understand, don't want to say an answer, or don't have an opinion, that's fine.  Just making sure you understand what I'm asking.   Do you think the ceiling of talent for the LBer corps is good enough?  And I know good enough is relative, so it would be in your view.
    • After the sign stealing saga allegations, Michigan is going to operate with a chip on their shoulder the rest of the way, IMO.
    • Or he tells Kraft, give me one more year to groom my replacement Jerod Mayo, and a chance to get a good QB from the draft and I will leave on a high note??
    • The cupboard for most positions has to be replenished, all the time, IMO, except for prime positions like QB, where there is little turnover since the evaluation period is typically 3-4 years if drafted and backup QBs are seldom drafted.   You decide on depth/starters at 3 or 4 positions that need the most infusion of depth or replacement anticipation, draft those when value presents itself, and move on to 3 or 4 other positions next draft for depth and so on. That process is constant/should be constant with any GM, IMO. Since all holes for starters can't be filled with the draft, you supplement with FA.
    • I get that.  Every player has a ceiling despite what they might cost.   Do you think there should be a resourced effort into looking for a replacement for any of the starting LBers?  
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