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Colts @ Jaguars Game Day, September 13, 2020


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7 minutes ago, Myles said:

You thought that with Rivers the defense would look like carp (Minshew was 19/20 for 3 TDs) and Hilton would drop easy passes?  Rivers would make Reich call a poor game.

Colts defense has always been suspect with soft zone coverages so them playing poorly is no real surprise. You’d think pass rush would be better with Buckner collapsing the middle so it’s disappointing the Colts defense did not show any improvement but not atypical from their usual performance on the field. 

I never was a big fan of Rivers signing. Feared he’d throw lots of picks if relied upon too much.  He threw 3 picks...as expected...unfortunately. 

Colts seldom win in Jax...they lost again today.


Colts in a season opener drought...that continued again today as well.


Writing was on the wall for a L today. 

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I don't get the hate for Rivers. He was 36-46 for 363 yards. Yeah he had 2 horrible picks. He had a rating of 88.7 which is higher than Brady for week 1. Rivers shouldn't have had to throw 46 times. That's on Reich for abandoning the run game. Blankenship missed a FG. We got stuffed in the redzone after some questionable play calling from Reich. Defense couldn't stop a nosebleed. I'm not sure why Rivers is getting so much hate. He wasn't brought here to carry the team. He shouldn't have to. This team has a stable of backs capable of running the ball for 150+ yards. His receivers didn't help in week 1 either besides Campbell. Hilton had 2 HUGE drops on the last possession. Rivers does deserve some blame for his 2 picks but he's far from the only person that deserves blame. Reich and the defense deserve much more. Everybody was complaining the Brissett wouldn't go down field with the ball and Rivers does and he gets chastised for it. Rivers takes chances and pushes it down the field. So which is it? You either want Brissett throwing 5 yard passes and not taking any chances or you want Rivers and him throwing downfield??

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