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  1. I can tell you this ... San Diegans are in "PAIN" watching this crap play out for San Diego. We (I) just don't admit it.
  2. Uhhh let me qualify my last statement. I will ALWAYS root for the Colts when playing against the Raiders, Broncos or Chiefs
  3. This perspective is from a life long Bolts fan since 1960. When Rivers retires from the Colts, I will no longer wish the Colts well. On the contrary, you are AFC opponents who stand in the way of the ring. I mean no disrespect but .... it is what it is. It is hard enough watching a Chargers team with the shades drawn as though "Chester The Molester" was watching and whose team was ripped away from San Diego. I am old enough to remember dropping back in my back yard saying "I am Johnny Unitas" ..... throwing a Super Bowl winning TD. Too bad Unita
  4. You take what the defense gives and TY had his moments today. The Colts ran up against a real good Bills team. Real good. Next year I want to see the Colts and the Chargers playing in the AFC Championship. Our new quarterback Justin Herbert is throwing passes I never saw Rivers throw which is encouraging. If Rivers is not signed, I wish him well. I hope Colts fans understand this guy is not a brat or mouth and just enjoys jawing his clean smack talk. Rivers once told a cornerback "how to you like them corn flakes" as he was simulating dumping a box of Wheati
  5. Thank you Philip Rivers from a life long Chargers Fan. I saw every snap of your professional career. You are an ambassador to San Diego. You always carried yourself as a respectful and honorable man. May god bless you and your family Trumpet_Man PS .... Sign a deal for one more year and get the Colts to the promised land !!
  6. Well that is not quite true. The Chargers won the AFL title in 1963 (51-10) vs. the Boston Patriots before the Super Bowl was known as the Super Bowl. I know it may not seem much to today's fans but that is all we have or "had" The end. Signed Broken San Diego Chargers Fan
  7. Hey dude !!! I could not help wondering how Rivers would do with a great O-Line in Indy. I had a feeling he would get the Colts into the playoffs. Bro has gas left in the tank. I would give Rivers another year to jell with this offense and then ask him to groom an heir apparent for a league minimum offer and like it. And no my posting days are largely behind me since the Chargers left San Diego. I just drove by Jack Murphy stadium today from work and saw the east end of the old Chargers stadium completely demolished. A tear rolled down my cheek. And then ano
  8. Keep the faith. The Colts are primed to make a serious run. From one of the OLDEST Chargers fans on the planet.
  9. Well Rivers deserves "most" of the blame for this loss. Those INT's were UGLY but at one point the brother was 20/24 with only 1 INT. The D gave up 1 wide open TD. That was the difference in this game. Hopefully Mack is not hurt as bad as reported. Keep the faith Colts fans. From an Old San Diego Chargers fan
  10. Too funny. Yes indeed Philip Rivers name is spelled with "ONE" letter "L". I saw these same posts in San Diego as a Chargers fan. Philip Rivers is a WARRIOR !!!
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