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  1. Keep the faith. The Colts are primed to make a serious run. From one of the OLDEST Chargers fans on the planet.
  2. Well Rivers deserves "most" of the blame for this loss. Those INT's were UGLY but at one point the brother was 20/24 with only 1 INT. The D gave up 1 wide open TD. That was the difference in this game. Hopefully Mack is not hurt as bad as reported. Keep the faith Colts fans. From an Old San Diego Chargers fan
  3. Too funny. Yes indeed Philip Rivers name is spelled with "ONE" letter "L". I saw these same posts in San Diego as a Chargers fan. Philip Rivers is a WARRIOR !!!
  4. I do feel the Chargers have a legit shot at the AFC Championship against the Colts. You bet. The Chargers defense is damn scary if they stay healthy. Our new guards are nails but our tackles suck and returning center was neck injured. The Bolts swing tackle is a joke for our team so I do not see the depth needed for my former team to go the distance but enough to make a whole hell of a lot of noise. You fans will enjoy Rivers. Rivers was the ONLY jersey I ever wore as a fan after 50+ years rooting for the Chargers. Divorce from the Bolts has been a Bytch and hard to exp
  5. I am old enough to be alive as these cities lost their teams: Los Angeles Chargers (1960), Los Angeles Rams, Oakland raider (twice now), St. Louis Cardinals, Cleveland Browns (I refused to play TAPS for those fans in the parking lot) Baltimore Colts, Houston Oilers = man I am freaking NFL OLD. Finding NFL peace after being a fan for 50 years is not easy. San Diegans have an intense DISLIKE for anything Los Angeles. Losing MY team after 50+ years was like watching a family member get drawn and quartered while the owners of the NFL horses pulling limbs apart laughed.
  6. Hello Colts fans from a long time and well known Chargers fan since 1960. Your team will not be disappointed since Rivers will FINALLY have and O-Line worth a damn. I am not sure why the Chargers always seems to crap the sheets for decades getting a complete O-Line. Rivers is a warrior who talks trash without ever using swear words. As a crapped-on off Chargers fan since the relocation and Oceanside native, I am forced to wonder who I root for in an AFC Championship between the Colts and the Chargers (yeah I am that * off since the relocation). My wife will root for the Colts
  7. Hey Colts fans new Bolt poster here or at least a "broken" Chargers fan....anyway. While you are trying to decide on your QB situation with the Rivers signing and Brissett and do we draft a QB ? ......... Well .... My old team San Diego was in the same situation a few years ago. We ended up with Drew Brees, Philip Rivers, Doug Flutie and Cleo Lemon and held all 4 QB's on the team roster because they were all "that" good at the time. I think Cleo was practice squad'd anyway .... Use what you have as trade bait before the trading deadline during the season because QB's d
  8. My Bolts had seriously crap O-Lines during that time frame. Rivers is lucky to be still upright. Give Rivers a great O-Line which you folks have and watch out. Rivers needs reps with the WR's and TE's to understand how each reads defenses and bada bing. Rivers is an animal and I am bummed as a "Broken" Bolt fan Rivers is gone. Your backup QB Brissett needs some polish but is another animal who has mad game. I dig Brissett as an NFL fan and I hope Colts fans do as well.
  9. Old Chargers fan here and hello Colts fans. Rivers will not disappoint this fan base with your O-line. Give the brother a TE-WR & slot WR and enjoy the fireworks. Seriously Rivers still has game to take this team to the promised land and as a broken Chargers fan I wish Rivers and the Colts fan base the very best of luck. Rivers deserves a ring and I look forward to checking into this forum to see you all celebrate. Trumpet_Man
  10. Hello Colts fans from a "Broken" Chargers fan I am known as Trumpet Man for the Chargers for decades and rarely post anymore but felt compelled to post one more time about your newest player Philip Rivers. Congrats !!! Let me dive right into it as I have been a fan of the Chargers since - well - 5+ decades. River is a pure class act who is mis-characterized as a loud mouth punk. The media has done Rivers a dis-service and I am here as a "broken" Bolt fan to let you know the media got it way wrong. Rivers talks what I call "hillbilly trash" with n
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