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We are tied 6 All.


Game stats are starting to lean towards the Colts. However, the sacks we are giving up is concerning. 


2:07 remaining in the first half. 


First Downs 5   8
Total Yards 109   109
Passing Yards 98   73
Rushing Yards 11   36
Penalties (Yds) 2(15)   3(20)
Turnovers 1   0
Punts (AVG) 0(0)   2(46)
Time of *. 11:05   16:48
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30 minutes ago, Tony6759 said:

No he's not okay as long as we keep making excuses for him cuz we're going to actually believe he's a quarterback in the NFL he's not


 The guy has over 2100 yds passing 9 tds 5 int playing with our "team".

 He has given me every reason to believe he could become a very good pocket QB.

 Some folks just can't comprehend what they are seeing.

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11 minutes ago, ColtsBlueFL said:


I didn't see the play, but it is full legal for a defender to grab/jam/hold a receiver within the first 5 yards beyond the  line of scrimmage.  That means a defender could do that until Doyle reached the 3 (if the LOS was the 8).

Not if ball is in the air you can’t.

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2 minutes ago, IndySouthsider said:

Why is the guy trashing Brissett?


Not sure what guy you're talking about. I am not for anyone trashing Brissett. In all fairness, he is damn near a rookie, and he is leaning on the fly. 


That said, he does need to start throwing some of these passes away. He is taking way too many sacks, and some of them are on him. 

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    • Last year should be a case study for why it's very hard to win games in the NFL. Plenty of teams who should have won more, lost. Plenty of teams who should've lost, won. Gone are the days of cut and dry guaranteed winners. On paper the Bills should easily win their division, but in reality the flipping Dolphins could even win that title. 
    • I agree the OL doesn’t look elite now.   The difference is….   I wasn’t expecting it.   Not with two new guys.   And I’m not expecting it by wk1 of the regular season.    Too soon.    But I’m expecting it to be good enough to win with until it gets better.    Kevin Bowen has written our OL is no longer elite, but it can still be very good.   And I think that’s fair.   That’s what I’m hoping for.  
    • I agree with your last sentence for sure.  It looks like some on this thread don't realize the complexity of Oline play. And a major caveat here is that you can't really simulate the effectiveness in the running game, as I have stated almost every time I've commented on the oline.     However NCF, our Oline has also been getting beat up quite often in 1 on 1 matchups.  It's pretty evident.  In pass pro, most and at times all 5 linemen are going to be on their own.  Our pass pro was horrendous last season, and that can be largely accounted for by injury, but it was also horrendous late in the season, and unless people are hiding injury, we were mainly healthy.  If we have to chip and keep people in to combat this, then an already underwhelming pass catching unit will be even less whelming.    We don't look like a top unit right now, and if you don't see that, then we just see things differently.   I think it's imperative to this team's success that the OLINE plays at an elite or at least near elite level since there is so much invested in it, but right now it seems fairly obvious to me anyway that we don't seem to be on that trajectory.  
    • Lions IMO will be better than most people think this year. I have them at 5 wins, maybe 6. They lost a lot of close games last year. I could care less it was just the Lions, they are an NFL team. I suppose on opening day when we beat Houston, some will say it was only Houston  . Some in here think winning in the NFL is easy. Suit up and explain it to me 
    • I am intrigued with OBJ, he should be healthy by November.
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