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  1. I'll add two of my personal favourites here: WR Jahan Dotson TE Cade Otton I feel like next year's TE class will be very good and we might add to that room again, given that Jack Doyle is not getting any younger and only 750k of his 6m salary in 2022 is guaranteed. I like Doyle, but Otton or Likely are 2 guys I would rather have on this team, given their significantly higher athleticism. I absolutely love Jaquan Brisker as well, can't wait to draft him in all my IDP leagues.
  2. Prototypical Ballard outside corner. 6‘2 with 32 inch arms. Had character concerns coming out of college, but nothing negative reported the last 3 years. Worth the shot IMO. Played solid in 2018 and 2019, struggled last season. However, we know that the requirements for our defense are very different from those of a Mike Zimmer D.
  3. It would probably cost about 6-8m to make a one-year deal with Sherman work. So it would cost us that valuable cap space while also limiting the development of some of the young guys (Rock, Rodgers, Tell). Per PFFs grading Sherman has finished as a top 30 CB only once since 2017, in 2019 as you mentioned. He is also 33 years old. Remember when people on here were dicussing if Xavier Rhodes was too old for a multi-year contract (which turned out to be accurate as he signed another one-year deal)? Sherman is 3 years older. It is bad management to sign once elite talent on the decline for compensation as if they were still in their prime.
  4. I listened to his opinion, because you mentioned it here. I do share some of the concern he has, Paye obviously has to develop further the next couple years, but I'm optimistic he will. Polian lost me when he mentioned he had no idea what the definition of a hurry was and that the only metrics that count in his opinion are sacks and TFL. I do prefer our current staff, who uses advanced metrics to project what a player could be at the next level to the traditional box score approach. Still worth the listen, even though you realize he comes from a different era.
  5. I like Fisher over Leno when healthy. Fine with both though, both are solid NFL starters and better than what we currently have at LT.
  6. Well, all of Mack‘s 2m salary for 2021 is guaranteed, so while you can never rule out anything in the NFL, he‘s very likely to be on the roster come opening day if healthy. We wouldn‘t gain anything from cutting him.
  7. Wilkins has serious competition for the 4th RB on the roster IMO.
  8. From Irsay's comments on being sniped in rounds 4 and 5, I believe they really liked Tommy Doyle, but didn't want to trade up (very few picks even without trading up) and Buffalo got in the way. Can't always expect your guys to fall to you, I'm just happy that it worked out in round 1 and didn't in rounds 4 and 5 and not the other way around
  9. https://thedraftnetwork.com/articles/2021-undrafted-free-agent-udfa-tracker-nfl-draft
  10. Thanks to @Dr. T for hosting again and congrats to craigerb. However, Chris Ballard proved he is not predictable after all this year, when almost noone got any of his day 3 picks right
  11. As I said, level of competition was not good. He stood out though, as he should. He was drafted in round 7 as a player with the traits to be special, we'll see if he can put it together. I'll take this pick over a 3rd string QB without any starting upside any day.
  12. Has background as a track guy if i recall that correctly, highly athletic, high character, but level of competition is a question mark. He is raw, but was very productive in college, so not necessarily a project. Like the upside.
  13. Actually, Granson is not a great special teams player, so I don't know what you're talking about. He's our receiving TE for the Trey Burton role going forward.
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