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  1. At this point in his career and after all the blown chances with multiple teams, Nkemdiche should be happy if any team offers a futures contract. If he doesn‘t agree, he has played his last snap in the NFL. It‘s a moot point though since the Colts don‘t appear to be the team that offers him another chance...
  2. I liked Ateman coming out, hasn‘t shown much since though...
  3. TY Hilton - 2 years/13M with 2M more in incentives (1000y season 1M) - 7 million guaranteed year one, essentially team option year 2 Marlon Mack - 1 year/1.5M - it's a shame he got hurt, I like his running style, don't think there'll be much of a market in a very strong RB free agent class - I'd let him stick around and show what he can do Justin Houston - I'd offer him a 1 year deal for 6M, which he would probably decline, but I'm fine with letting him walk Denico Autry - same with Houston, only for less dollars - offer him a 1 year - 4M deal and see if he takes it Xavier
  4. I'm winning both Fantasy-Football Championship Games right now and am still having one of the worst evenings in a long time, which given the circumstances in a global pandemic should speak for itself. This one hurt. A lot.
  5. He actually did play decent in his short time here until he got injured. Definitely more comfortable with Webb than Clark or Green.
  6. Jets could be all over him with their need at WR and the Front Office connection
  7. Well if the Colts thought that way every year our TE room would be empty right now ^^
  8. Surefire: 1) Philip Rivers, 2) Jonathan Taylor, 3) Nyheim Hines, 4) TY Hilton, 5) Michael Pittman, 6) Parris Campbell, 7) Jack Doyle, 8) Ryan Kelly, 9) Quenton Nelson, 10) Braden Smith, 11) Anthony Castonzo, 12) Justin Houston, 13) DeForest Buckner, 14) Darius Leonard, 15) Bobby Okereke, 16) Kenny Moore, 17) Rock Ya-Sin, 18) Khari Willis, 19) Rigoberto Sanchez, 20) Luke Rhodes Likely: 1) Jacoby Brissett, 2) Marlon Mack, 3) Zach Pascal, 4) Daurice Fountain, 5) Mo Alie-Cox, 6) Trey Burton, 7) Mark Glowinski, 8) Danny Pinter, 9) LeRaven Clark, 10) Ben Banogu, 11) Al-Quadin Muhammad, 1
  9. If Washington cuts Hentges - which is likely from the articles I've been reading on them - I can absolutely see the Colts claiming him now that we have a need that wasn't there a year ago. They loved him in camp last year.
  10. On a positive note, that pushes Tell's rookie contract back one year and we might have him on a cheap contract in 2023, where he might have developed at CB instead of this season where he would have been valuable depth, but not a cornerstone of this defense. Milligan is essentially a special teams player only anyway, so I get his decision.
  11. Unless I'm mistaken, he would have a 3-year contract left once he opts to come back from retirement. At least in Gronk's case, the 1 year contract left was frozen the year he retired and he's playing out that year now with the Bucs.
  12. Warford has earned PFF grades of 72 or higher in 6 of his 7 seasons in the NFL. Glowinski‘s best season in 2018 earned him a 70. So Warford should definitely be an upgrade, doubt Ballard will go for it though. I do think he wants the young guys battling it out for the backup spots, so we don‘t lose them from the PS like Barton last year.
  13. 2013 vs Raiders. But that‘s the whole list.
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