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Just now, bravo4460 said:

Trade poor Frank Gore. 


Gives him a chance somewhere and we atleast get a pick whether it's good or not. Lol



Seriously though, The Colts need to be sellers.


NO!  We need him for next week, he can smash GBs #1 ranked rush D!  Power! Extreme!

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Just now, 21isSuperman said:

Castonzo is having an awful year.   What's going on with him?

He's just not that good. I think the Colts paid him based on what they thought he could do rather than what he had done. The league figured him out quick . 

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1 minute ago, RollerColt said:

Another sack on Luck. The most hit and sacked QB in the history of the sport through his first five years. 


We might as well just shut him down for the rest of the season. 

worried about him getting talking these hits in a game that's almost certainly lost

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Just now, Introspect said:

He got paid


Just now, RollerColt said:

The man got paid. lol...

All that money is weighing him down and slowing down his kick step



Just now, mahagga73 said:

He's just not that good. I think the Colts paid him based on what they thought he could do rather than what he had done. The league figured him out quick . 

He was good before his second contract.  He was among the league's best run blocking tackles

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9 minutes ago, PeterBowman said:

How can someone hold with a clubbed hand?


9 minutes ago, oldunclemark said:

Butler was charged with holding with a bubble wrap on his hand?


Didn't see the play, but if you block past 5 yards downfield, that is D holding.  Even if contact initiated before the 5 yards.

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2 minutes ago, oldunclemark said:

worried about him getting talking these hits in a game that's almost certainly lost


Why should you be worried.... The experienced NFL coaching staff of the Colts see no problems with wrecking this guy........:thmdown:


Well at least he got paid

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    • This is yet another fantastic video from Colts Productions. All the hoopla around whether the Colts would take Ricky Williams or Edge with the 4th pick in 1999, as told by the primary Colts scout involved. Great stuff.    
    • U r missing my point. Discussion is not about how he is rated.  My concern is how much u pay for his position
    • Yes, LOL !! I always remember it as "Ninety percent of the game is half mental." though. As my wife says - 'same thing, only different'.   Josh McDaniels is a great OC (really not sure about HC or as a person of integrity), but I'd much rather have Reich as HC (or even OC) over him. Colts were lucky to land him when JD backed out. I love the back story to the Frank Reich hire as well.   ********** "When seven NFL jobs came open by the end of Black Monday, the day after the 2017 regular season ended, Frank Reich called his agent with specific instructions. Leave me alone. “Going dark,” is the way Reich described it." Unlike McDaniels, unlike Matt Patricia of the Patriots, unlike Pat Shurmur of the Vikings – unlike even another Eagles assistant, quarterback coach John DeFilippo – Reich told his agent- “I'm focused on the task at hand,” he said. “That’s to help our team win playoff games and the Super Bowl. That meant no phone calls, no texts. Whether there was any activity or not (from interested teams calling), I was dark.” ***********   When McDaniels backed out of the job here in Indianapolis and Reich had won just his Super Bowl Ring, this is what Reich wanted his agent to do: "Nothing. Don’t call the Colts. Don’t text them. Don’t even butt-dial them (LOL)." But he really hoped the Colts would call him.   Meanwhile, Bill Polian, who has very close ties to both Irsay and Reich, heard of the JD news. He called up Jim Irsay. He said the answer to his dilemma is right there in front of him over in Philadelphia. Irsay then asked Polian to call Chris Ballard. Despite not even being on Ballard’s original top list of coaching candidates, Reich blew him away in a 10 hour interview. Once the other scheduled interviews with Dan Campbell and Leslie Frazier had wrapped up, the Colts knew. Frank Reich was their guy.   “I thought after I got done interviewing him, ‘My lord, what was I thinking?’” {not considering him in the first place} Ballard later admitted. Even Irsay acknowledged the Colts initially whiffed on not looking into Reich. “The more I think, ‘Jim, How come you are so stupid? How could you not have seen the clarity in this sooner.”   So even as the ex Colts GM, Bill Polian was still instrumental in the Colts/Reich head coach hiring. And I'm pleased with it.        
    • I see what you are saying.  If the Packers could get the 15th pick in the draft the packers would be crazy not to do it.    The Pats would be crazy to give up the 15th pick in the draft for Love.   
    • Honestly this might be my last draft because it fell pretty perfect, unless sometime of pre-draft trade happens. I also only went to 165 because I really don't know players after that.   Big priority for me was to trade down and I wanted to gain capital for next year for two reasons: 1. This draft has the least information in awhile about players 2. We are gonna lose a 1st or 2nd rounder next year and I wanted to supplement it by adding another 2nd round pick. I have seen many different ways to value future picks when doing the value, going off the CBS method of valuing them at the 32 pick of that round Bengals get 222 points (They drafted Kwity Paye after getting Sewell earlier) and Colts get 215 points.   So now to the picks: 38(From Bengals): Samuel Cosmi T: Happy with the pick was hoping he or Teven Jenkins would fall to me and I got one of them making the trade worth it to me. 54: Carlos Basham Jr.: Wasn't expecting him to fall to me, honestly I was more hoping for Payton Turner, but when I saw him sitting there it was a easy pick for me, fills the need at RE and the role of Autry of a DE that can play outside on early downs then jump inside for 3rd/passing downs. 127: Amari Rodgers: Honestly this was a tough pick, it was against him or Shaka Toney and I could of gone with either but I thought it might of been to early for Toney so decided to risk it and see if he fell to the next round. 165: James Wiggins: I wanted to add depth to the Safety position and Wiggins is a versatile player that fits in a split zone system, he has some injury history but Ballard has shown he is willing to take a risk on a Safety with past injury history (Blackmon, Hooker)   Also add in an extra 2nd in 2022   Overall I'm happy with it
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