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Hi, Colts fans!   :)   Our Indianapolis Colts have an opportunity to win two consecutive games in a row and also  even their season record to 4-4 for the first time in 2016 Sunday afternoon, as they host the 4-2 Kansas City Chiefs. Chiefs and Colts are playing in their 25th all-time meeting, including 20 regular season and 4 postseason games, and the Colts and Chiefs are playing a regular season game in LOS (the building) for the first time in five years.


Colts are also attempting to win their first regular season home game over the K.C. Chiefs at LOS in six years.  Colts kicker Adam Vinatieri kicked four field goals during each quarter from 20, 24, 47, and 42 yards, before Mike Hart ran an 11-yard touchdown with 4:02 remaining in the fourth quarter, to help the Colts win 19-9 back on October 10, 2010.


Indianapolis also defeated Kansas City in their most recent meeting, played  during the NFL Playoffs.  Andrew Luck threw a 64-yard touchdown pass to T.Y. Hilton, with 4:21 remaining in the fourth quarter, and Adam Vinatieri broke the tie with his PAT, to help the Colts edge the Chiefs 45-44, during the 2013 AFC Wild Card Game, played at LOS back on January 4, 2014.


Indianapolis also leads the all-time series with 16 wins and 8 losses, dating back to their first game on September 28, 1970, after the AFL-NFL merger.


Spero Dedes and former Cincinnati Bengals defensive back Solomon Wilcots are announcing  the live the TV game commentary for the NFL On CBS, and seen regionally, and locally on WTTV CBS Channel 4, live on HD.


LOS retractable roof may be closed for the 1:05PM Eastern Standard Time kickoff because gametime and stadium temperatures outside is forecast at 69 degrees, along with 30% precipitation, 69% humidity, and northwestern winds at 8 miles per hour,  despite sunny skies from late morning and noontime on Sunday, showers will gradually progress throughout todays game.


Colts will both recognize Halloween and the last Sunday gameday in October of the NFL's 'A Crucial Catch' campaign to raide awareness of Breast Cancer Awareness Month.


NO injuries, even your record with your fourth win Sunday, and GO COLTS!!!!!  :coltslogo:  :cheer:   :1colts::colts:  :coltshelmet:  :cheer:    :coltslogo:    :rock:









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    • I agree Pittman is a #1 WR on several teams and at worst a #2 on most. After that I dont know that we have WR's that would start on any team in the league.   As far as Cincy in concerned Boyd put up 800 yards and 5 TD's and that's with Chase and Higgins getting theirs. He is certainly the  Stokely to their Harrison and Wayne but hes lightyears ahead of anything we have outside of Pittman.   IMO, this teams needs serious help at the WR spot this offseason.
    • False!   False!!  FALSE!!!   2019:   Luck retired mid-August.  No time to do anything, roll with Jacoby.    2020:   Sign Phillip Rivers.  Have an 10 win season, go to playoffs.    2021:   Trade for Wentz.   The deal looks good right up to the last two weeks of the season.  It proves Ballard’s point he says every year.  Just because you make a move doesn’t mean the move is going to work out.     Look at all the teams that traded up for a quarterback every year in the draft.  Most of those trade ups DON’T work out!!    Yes, it’s the most important position in sports.  But making a move to satisfy and unhappy fan base is what bad franchises do.    We paid a 1 and a 3 for Wentz.   Would you rather we trade up and trade two 1’s and two 3’s or MORE only to have a rookie quarterback who either can’t play or needs 2-3 years to get up to speed?   There are no guarantees!    
    • Hurts stunk. A big reason is because his arm isn't strong enough to make up for late reads. Whether he gets faster at reading, who knows. The Mike Edwards INT is a TD if he throws that as soon as Smith beats his man. Some QBs can figure that out...others can't. Good chance he doesn't make, but he's only 23 years old...and he can definitely run the ball.   But Sirianni stunk too. No way he gets a pass. His playcalling was bad for most of the year. Earlier in the season, he refused to use his RBs and it wasn't until they started running all the time, which clearly played to the strength of Hurts, that they won games.   Unfortunately, they aren't a very good team yet and they just ran into a very good team that the one thing you can't do is run the ball on. Terrible matchup. But Sirianni had no idea how to scheme against that and/or the moment was too big for Hurts. Somehow, they weren't even trying to get Smith involved the first half.   I bet though, if he was calling plays in Indy, he would catch more heat than Flus and Reich combined. I think he just lacks imagination for now. And it really showed yesterday.   But this is both of their first full years as QB and HC. I don't think we can close the book on either yet. They will add (3) 1st round picks and other pieces...and have another offseason together. They might go in a different direction at QB, but I doubt it.
    • I will say this. It might be better to stick with him and not give up any more assets and target a QB in this draft or 23.  But I doubt Irsay has that kind of patience.
    • Wow if that isn’t accurate. Great job. I think they are also trying to maximize the chances they win now with the guys they have in their prime. They don’t want a rookie when so many are ready to win. But probably best just to pull the band aid off and just take a setback for a year or so.
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