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  1. Before I became a true Colts Fan I used to love watching the Superbowl, the arguments with my friends who just don't get American Football, having enough snacks to feed an army to get you through to 4am and booking a day off work on the Monday. Now, with the Colts not being in it, it just didn't matter as much to me. I watched through to half time (in the hope that my friends were not watching as it was not the best example for the NFL to show to the world) and when I woke up this morning and saw the score it was a case of "well that's is what I thought was going to be the outcome". The best laugh was the BBC presenters (normally excellent in their NFL shows) try to keep talking the game up when inside I am sure they were thinking the same as the rest of us. Anyway, that's it all over for another season, lets hope we have a different thread to comment on the morning after next years Superbowl and we are celebrating a Colts success.
  2. I am sure this will come as no surprise to anyone who reads this regularly, my moment of 2018 was getting to see the team live first in New York (lets not mention the game itself), then in Indy v The Bills. Memories I will have to last me a lifetime. Infact my whole time in Indy was just great, you really do live in a beautiful part of the World. Really hope to get back over at some point in the future.
  3. I voted for Leonard, after the soft centre defence was getting the blame last season, he has come in and often given Luck the time required to do his thing. Also, defenders never get picked for anything in any sport, it is always the flashy offensive players that get the glory (Can you guess my position when I played soccer)
  4. After the chat on here recently about the strong possibility of Colts playing here I was slightly disappointed when the email came through today confirming the games. But probably not as happy as you home based guys were that they were not coming over!!! Say what you like, but the NFL puts on some show for the UK fans and if they ever did play in UK again, I would recommend anyone to come over, and even spend some time in Scotland. But Hey Ho, just need to start saving again to get back across at some point to see them live in Indy.
  5. I was actually going to post on here today looking for some info on him, like the OP, I found him to be entertaining and insightful. I am always amazed where SKY get their pundits from, and I would say that he was one of the better ones. I take it he was a great player in his day? Talking of pundits, I also like the 2 that are on BBC Jason Bell and Osi Omnyura, but I don't think they have any Colts connections.
  6. I know now is not the time for reasoned debate, so I won't try any - this has been a very frustrating game, they have not been exceptional, it appears all our players have chosen the same day to play poorly. Huge disappointment overall. It is said you learn more from your defeats than your victories, so lets hope that this is the case tonight so that when we get a chance again like tonight we are able to perform better.
  7. Sky sports, they currently have a channel dedicated to American sport.
  8. I will ask my son how to do that (lol), but not until after the game tonight, I will only p;ut a few of thm on. lets get this win tonight Colts.
  9. Really looking forward to the game, son's room all set up, 9.35pm kick off in Scotland . A bit of a late night but will be worth it when we get the victory. On a side note, I was going to post some pictures of our recent trip to Indy but wasn't sure if that was the done thing on this forum. I know it is not the norm on soccer forums over here.
  10. Well we seem to be getting there, but making it more difficult than it needs to be. anyway, Kansas city here we come yyyyiiipppeeee
  11. Cant get complacent, Houston on a good drive, need to get some defence back.
  12. I know I am being selfish, but I would love the Colts to play in London again. the last time they played there as my first NFL game and would jump at the chance to see them again. Also, don't you think the fans of next year's opponents will be looking at the schedule thinking, "well after this season, don't fancy playing the Colts the way they have finished the regular season"????
  13. This is what sport is all about, team seemingly dead and buried, then something changes and here we are looking forward to the playoffs. I managed to stay up right to 4 am to watch the game and enjoyed every minute of it, the good, the bad and the ugly. Really looking forward to this week as it is my son's birthday on Saturday, so really hoping for a double celebration (and the game is at least at a decent hour this week). Well done to everyone involved - great work all round.
  14. All set for a long night here in Scotland, temporary bed in son's room (he is sleeping now so he can be awake for the game), no school/work tomorrow - all that is needed is a Colts win to round off 2018 in style.
  15. Fully agree with the sentiment of this post, my wife volunteers at our local foodbank in Scotland, and whatever anyone thinks of the reasons why people are in difficulties, I really think it is the responsibility of those who can to help those who can't. This can manifest itself in so many ways - from giving time, expertise, cash or whatever. I have been truly blessed this year which includes my trip in October, but I hope to never forget this and do what I can to help others, and it is great to see this in Indy as well.
  16. Will this mean an 8.25pm local kick off time? If so it will be a through the nighter here in Scotland - Thankfully I am off work next week so will be looking forward to getting the Irn Bru, crisps and shortbread (as its New Year) and settling down to watch the game. I could the last couple of minutes of the game last night on Red Zone and jumped out of my seat with the interception at the end. Who know what it will be like if we pull it off next week. Who would have thought at 1-5, we would be here with a winner takes all showdown on the last day of the Season. C/mon the Colts.
  17. Hope everyone on here has a really Happy Christmas from probably the happiest overseas Colts fan on here having had the once in a lifetime chance to visit your beautiful city and see the team live in action. Here's hoping for another victory tomorrow to help the celebrations along.
  18. Last night shows that we can see out close games, I watched a bit of the Dallas game and I have to say they looked dangerous going forward although Prescott did get sacked a couple if times during the closing stages I saw. They also seemed to give a way a lot of penalties, so I think if we get in their faces they could get rattled.
  19. So far so good, lets hope we can keep it going for all 4 quarters.
  20. I agree with most of the points raised about a win being a win, we would have lost last season etc. What pleased me was that we did not appear to panic and stuck to the game plan right to the end. They showed the last 2 mins on Sky sports red zone last night and it was clear the players all know what they were doing. I still believe we are a better team than the standings show, and we should not have been 1-5 after the first few games of the season. Even the BBC NFL show showed a feature on the Colts last week, and they normally ignore the Colts week in week out.
  21. Lets go Colts - lets get the win and keep our run going
  22. This is one thing I have noticed that is a big difference from soccer kits over here. Almost every NFL kit is a plain as plain can be with no sponsor, whereas team here can have upto 4 different kits each year and they normally change them every season, sometimes every 2 years at most. What do you think is the reason for the plainness of the kits and the lack of team (kit) sponsorship as just about everything else sponsored by someone or other e.g. official bread, ketchup etc.
  23. Being totally selfish, I would love to see the Colts in London again. The Jags have invested a lot of money in training camps etc in the London area and their owner was recently trying to purchase Wembley from the English FA, this has now been scrapped which may diminish the chance of a franchise here happening. As has been mentioned previously, it is all about money and the London games sell out every year, but that is when people are getting the chance to see different teams play one off matches, I am not convinced that having a team play here regularly would attract the same kind of crowds week in week out especially if the team was struggling for form and on a losing streak. It does happen in UK at present with a team from Toronto playing in Rugby league and 2 teams from South Africa playing in the Rugby Union league. I did notice however the outcry why the Spanish La Liga tried to play a game in USA rather than Spain. So it can work both ways, when we were flying back from our recent trip there were a few Eagles fans on the flight who were combining a holiday with watching the game. I suppose the same as we did in reverse. The difference being we could not come back over year after year (no matter how much we would love to) and I think that is where the problem would lie. So would I like to happen - Yes, can I see it happening - Not in the short term, I think they will continue with the current Status Quo for a while yet.
  24. I did think that as I was writing the post, but thought no harm in introducing a good Scottish word into the mix.
  25. It makes such a difference even to be talking about play off chances this season, Sunday's game is the clincher in my opinion, if we beat Tennesse I think we will be in good shape, lose and it becomes very challenging. One stat they said on TV last night was that Luck has now gone 4 games without a sack, what change in protection that is. I also think looking back the loss to the Jets may come back to bite us, given their results since that games makes it even more of a scunner to have lost to them. Anyway, Hope springs eternal (at least until next Sunday anyway).
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