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  1. Lot riding on our OL. If we can give Luck a little protection, even have just a decent run game, we could take this game. We have to be better in the middle- Nelson/Kelly/Slauson is a marked improvement over Vuj/(name your center from last year)/ (one of a dozen that played RG). Hoping we can show that improvement against a really good DL. Looking forward to seeing if our "fast athletic" linebackers can make some impact plays.
  2. Encouraged by Woods and Autry at DT and hope that Ridgeway can keep up his form from the preseason. Praying for our safeties to stay healthy which could help us cover up some other weaknesses. Cringe at our CB depth. Thought Hairston played pretty well last year, looking for him to grow into a really good player for us.
  3. As a big Dawg fan, hard for me to pick against Smith, but I just don't see him at 6. He is a good player, just wouldn't draft him that high. Edmunds has too much potential to really change an issue that has been a pain for us for several years- pass coverage among the LB"s. We need speed. Guessing, but if we take Edmunds would we play him at ILB or WILL. Simon should be our strong side, the other two positions ?? (Assuming Sheard plays DE with his hand in the ground?)
  4. With the number of guys we are losing vs the lack of anyone we are signing, someone needs to check to see if Ballard understands that we don't play 7 on 7 here... JK...
  5. Maybe Luck can play in one of those sumo suits...with the lack of talent on this OL, he might need it.
  6. Upgrade probably needed most at G. Would like to see 1 solid veteran FA starter and 1 round 2 or 3 rookie at the G spots. Would make a world of difference if our QB wasn't dodging rushers up the middle constantly and our RB didn't have to run off tackle or outside or run for his life to gain 3 or more yards. Like the addition of Jensen or Justin Pugh from the Giants or Jonathan Cooper from Dallas. Don't want Fluker though, just seems too much of an underachiever right now. For depth maybe, as starter not really.
  7. What about Harold Goodwin, former Arizona OC? He might be interesting. Greg Roman, Ravens- was OC for 49ers during their successful years Joe Lombardi, Saints QB coach who used to be Detroit's OC for a couple of years a while back. That's a great O they have in NO IDK, just have to wait and see... just want someone who will help us run the ball effectively and protect Luck so he can do his work
  8. There hasn't been a candidate through this whole process that I have jumped up and down about. But, if this time next year we are talking about our playoff games and Andrew's joints are still attached, I will love our coaching hire and not care about this ridiculous season we have been in
  9. I like the guy. He is a lot of fun to watch and listen to. But who in the world would want to leave the great Clemson success he has built for the snake pit of the NFL. It's like all the conversations about Manning- why leave a great gig to put yourself into the middle of this mess. If someone is looking for a challenge however, this is a great place because it is a challenge.
  10. I'm not so much concerned with whether or not he can call plays or intimidate our ILB if he commits a personal foul. I just want a coach who a) Can call a timeout at the right time b) Make halftime and in game adjustments to win a game c) Can manage a game without making me scratch my head at what he is doing d) Doesn't call a 2 man Special teams play e) Doesn't chop wood Find me that guy and I will be happy
  11. Can't to see who is the out of the box candidate we interview, like Matt Ruhle. Loved that. Not because we were going to hire him, but because none of the "we know everything" talking heads knew a thing about it. Made me smile.
  12. So much fascination with hiring a "big name" coach. To hell with the big name, give me a winner. The guy that just won the Super Bowl, who put Beli- cheat to the stake, was no "big name coach". People panned the Pederson hire, just like they said McVay wasn't ready in LA. Both of them took their team to the playoffs, Pederson took his team from a losing record to Super Bowl champs. Who cares about name recognition, that's for the media and media groupies, there are a lot of good coaches out there waiting for an open door to put their talents. Like Ballard said, give me a guy that is 100% in and wants to coach this team- and we will be better than fine.
  13. Better to find out a man has no character and is not a leader before you hire him, than to suffer from him after he is hired. Obvious McDaniels has NO leadership qualities and needs the cover of Belichick and Brady in order to feel successful. Was a disaster as Broncos HC, was a mess as Rams OC. Was initially skeptical about him, then a little excited, now convinced this is the best thing for the Colts. Willie McGinest can crow all he wants to about how great McDaniels is, but I would touch him as a leader for a puppy parade. He would have flamed out in a year or two and we would be starting all over again. Bring on Frank Reich!
  14. Take an early stab at it. Didn't draft a RB, frankly just wasn't sure where we would take one. Two prospects I like the most outside of the first round are the WR Hamilton and ILB Jewell. R1 P3 a) Bradley Chubb- OLB, NC State- just need more playmakers- sacks, TFL’s, etc b) Quinton Nelson- G, Notre Dame- solidifies the inside of the OL with Kelly, need less pressure and more running lanes. R2 P36 a) Braden Smith, OG, Auburn- brings strength and great pass blocking to the interior “Per CFB Film Room, Smith allowed just one sack and four hurries on 387 pass blocking snaps through the SEC Championship Game in 2017” https://nflmocks.com/2018/01/04/braden-smith-ol-auburn-2018-nfl-draft-scouting-report/ b) Sony Michel, RB, Georgia- burst and big play ability, a lot like Mack, just more aggressive R3 P67 a) Josey Jewell, LB, Iowa- upgrade at ILB, had 11 PBU’s this season R4 P106 a) Daesean Hamilton, WR, Penn State- every scouting report says- “sure handed”, wow, a Colts WR with sure hands, that would be a welcome sight. More of a possession WR, but good blocker. Would pair nicely with Hilton. Thinking Reggie Wayne type receiver? R5 P142 a) Isaiah Wynn, OG, Georgia- stout run blocker who can move/pull R6 P182 a) Kameron Kelly, CB, San Diego State- tall CB with man to man coverage skills R7 P222 a) Chris Worley, ILB, Ohio State- almost wouldn’t be a Colts draft without an Ohio State player
  15. Nelson- we immediately have fewer sacks/pressures up the middle, better ability to run the ball, we are a better football team Barkley- like Mack, but 2 levels higher, they are very similar to me, almost too similar. But he gives us the big play threat every play. If Luck plays like Luck, Hilton returns to form, we would have a potent triplets on our hands Smith- NO Big GA fan (crushed at our stupid loss last night), but Smith isn't worth the #3 pick in any scenario Of the three listed by the OP, My pick- Nelson Time we had a solid OL with some real top level talent rather than marginal talent and retreads Others: Orlando Brown, Chubb and like other posters have said Fitzpatrick should be a consideration at #3.
  16. Wonder if we are going to get that surprise candidate. Everyone, other than the Raiders, interviewing pretty much the same guys. Particularly now that Nagy is off the list and if Wilks or someone else gets hired quickly. Would be interesting to see who would come up as a potential candidate.
  17. Wasn't really excited about him anyway, but good for the Bears if they got their guy. Still feels like we are going to expand our interview list by a name or two- Shurmur, Reich, Schwartz or fill in the blank surprise candidate(s)?
  18. Like several others- would like to see them give Frank Reich a shot. Just like the fact that he has been successful in whatever role he has been in. Coached Manning for a while, that wouldn't hurt his resume. Ultimately, unless there is some change in the people we are interviewing, IMO it comes down to McDaniels or Nagy. Of those two, I really don't care- just give us an O that we can run successfully and hire a bang up DC to get after the QB.
  19. The only reason I would hedge on someone like Nagy or Wilkes or Vrabel is that they haven't been in leadership positions for very long. Meaning things like game management, staff hiring, overall strategy, etc are things that they are inexperienced with, the things that Pagano struggled with. If you haven't been DC or OC or HC for very long, sometimes those are the skills you lack. For me, one of those guys either better knock it out of the park or, like McVay in LA, be able to hire some experienced coordinators to surround themselves. Of the candidates we are linked with so far, slowly warming to the idea of McDaniels (very slowly). Of the one's not linked with us, Frank Reich looks like our kind of guy and as much as I hate to say it, Schwartz from Philadelphia as well. Should be an interesting next couple of weeks!
  20. He looks like he moves a lot better than Morrison, and he actually looks like he has some idea of where he is supposed to be on the field.
  21. IMHO he had to go. Never thought he was a great HC, but have to say after the first couple of years, his rosters were pretty talent poor. But just never really saw the difference that he made as a HC- we didn't have a any kind of identity as a D nor did we ever seem to figure out what we were as an O (other than have Luck pull out 4th quarter wins). Is that because he never has the kind of players he needed? You could argue that point forever. Don't think we will ever know. Onward and upward.
  22. if Peterman can complete a pass for goodness sake I would think we could at least get something to Doyle
  23. Our O-Line is not good, and I think that is being generous, but I will have to agree with @Surge89 and @BlueShoe that we have not helped them much either. Of course it would probably help if we actually were able to play with the same 5 every week or even 4 out of 5. Way too many injuries. It is obvious that our communication on the line has struggled this year.
  24. You could pull a position out of a hat for the first round and come up with a need we have. We need play makers, difference makers. To me it is one of the reasons we collapse in 2nd half, no one there to make THE play when needed to close out a game- make the interception, stuff on third down, key block to spring the runner for first down, pass break up, big catch, etc. Just have a bunch of average dudes who, when come crunch time, are shown to be just average. So- edge rusher, ILB, CB, OT, but frankly just draft someone who is going to be the guy to make the play when needed to win the game.
  25. Too many missed open receivers, too many penalties at the wrong time, too many missed blocks on the OL, ILB's unable to tackle if not at least 5 yards down the field.... same game, same game plan, same mistakes... same junk
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