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  1. Lot riding on our OL. If we can give Luck a little protection, even have just a decent run game, we could take this game. We have to be better in the middle- Nelson/Kelly/Slauson is a marked improvement over Vuj/(name your center from last year)/ (one of a dozen that played RG). Hoping we can show that improvement against a really good DL. Looking forward to seeing if our "fast athletic" linebackers can make some impact plays.
  2. Encouraged by Woods and Autry at DT and hope that Ridgeway can keep up his form from the preseason. Praying for our safeties to stay healthy which could help us cover up some other weaknesses. Cringe at our CB depth. Thought Hairston played pretty well last year, looking for him to grow into a really good player for us.
  3. Like several others- would like to see them give Frank Reich a shot. Just like the fact that he has been successful in whatever role he has been in. Coached Manning for a while, that wouldn't hurt his resume. Ultimately, unless there is some change in the people we are interviewing, IMO it comes down to McDaniels or Nagy. Of those two, I really don't care- just give us an O that we can run successfully and hire a bang up DC to get after the QB.
  4. Slow their run game & make our run game work- Colts 17-14 .... then again Gurley runs over us like ants and Tolzien can't complete a pass more than 7 yards- Rams 31-10
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