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    • Holder keeps mentioning Winston as the bridge. He forgets Winston has to be cut or traded. He has a 11 million dollar dead cap if cut.
    • Actually do the "bridge QB" the correct way this time?   Instead of buying the vet and counting on him for the next 3 to 4 years and investing 4th rounders in guy's with limited ceilings...... buy the vet, but then actually use a high draft pick to get a guy with talent and a real ceiling.   I would be fine with that.   I don't know if that guy is Jimmy G, but the concept I agree with, and have for the past 4 years.  Its just has never been followed up with a proper investment in a young QB.
    • I'm hooping that it is not a rookie QB at the helm.   I'm not sold on any of the QB's in this years draft.  I would love to bring Jimmy G in to QB the team for a couple years while a young QB is groomed.
    • I think I'm agreeing with you, if the end of the season means after the SB.   The issue is that if Coordinators are offered jobs during the playoffs, and assistant coaches play musical chairs, it disrupts the continuity of the teams that are in the playoffs.  The newly promoted coaches may lose interest in their present duties.   The NFL playoffs could end up being a little like the college bowl season, where coaches (and players in the case of college) move on to the point that the team playing in the bowl isn't really the same team that earned the bowl game.   The time to do any NFL coaching hires is for every team to have to wait until the season is over, which is the day after the SB.  JMO.  Unless a team wants to hire a college coach or a retired coach, like Payton.
    • Ballard has the right idea - hit on the QB and get the OL in shape, and expect the QB to make those 2nd rounders and 3rd rounders good. Burrow and the Bengals will soon have to do that because retaining both Higgins and Chase along with Burrow, will not give them the luxury of the best OL and it will be like Peyton's team construction all over again while the Chiefs have a LOT invested in their OL and soon will pay Orlando Brown too, so skill positions and draft picks, they will be mixing and matching as years go on as long as Mahomes and Reid are together. If the right opportunity comes along like the Titans GM being dumb enough to trade A J Brown, you take it.     We need to hit on the draft, period, routinely over the next couple of years to get more starters for the future with good player development from the coaches. That hitting on the draft part and player development part, has been overall less stellar under Ballard's regime.
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