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Colts @ Texans Sunday Night Football Game Thread


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2 minutes ago, oldunclemark said:

If they commit to the run....we are in trouble...

...we cant overpower them at the line of scrimmage


You would think the run might have always been their plan since their QB often can't hit the ocean?

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    • Listening to Kevin Bowens podcast he said he talked to Chris Hagen (local media guy who interviewed Steichen yesterday). Hagen said Steichen was a little startled when he learned Hagen was from Indy. He said he asked him about the Indy colts job. He said he was polite but reiterated many times his focus was on the game.  Apparently Steichen, Callahan, Ballard have same agent. So that would make total sense why there hasn’t been any leaks if it’s one of those two guys. 
    • We lost several offensive assistants over the last few years, some of whom are having an impact on other teams. I think that had a big impact on player development. Sirianni took Kevin Patullo and Jason Michael, we had previously lost Tom Rathman, no more Howard Mudd (RIP), DeGuglielmo should be mentioned...    On defense, we lost Jonathan Gannon, and he'll be a HC soon (maybe Cardinals this year?) I believe we've been deficient at DL coach for a while (we shuffled some guys there), and maybe there was a disconnect between the FO and the coaches that led to some missed picks, like Banogu.    So when I talk about coaching, I'm not just talking about Frank. I'm also about his assistants, his pipeline after some attrition, etc.
    • Frank likely would have been fired after last season but for the contract extension. I have to believe that Franks sales job to Irsay on what he could accomplish with what he had consistently came up short.  We absolutely had player development issues and certainly some of that was failures by Ballards staff with their projections.
    • It's obvious that Reich told Ballard 'I think Ryan can still play, and we can win with him.' If Reich was saying 'ehh, he looks kind of done, and I think I'd rather have Baker Mayfield,' I think we would have gone in a different direction.   I don't put that all on Reich, but no doubt he fully endorsed the Ryan move.
    • Positional value and impact is part of a totally different conversation, and has very little bearing on whether trading for a player should be considered aggressive. If you trade a 1st for a punter, it's aggressive (and probably stupid, but still aggressive). It's certainly not risk averse, as you're trying to categorize it. The Buckner move was absolutely aggressive, and belongs in the conversation with the AJ Brown move, as it's basically the same thing.   And while, in a vacuum, trading up for a QB in 2020 would have been the more aggressive move, I could argue that signing Rivers was just as risky. He was 39, coming off of a bad season, switching teams for the first time in his career. He played well enough, but then retired, and so was a bit of a sunk cost.
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