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Colts @ Patriots AFC Divisional Playoff Game Night Thread


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You can look at your phone and watch the TV at once? Mind blown. I guess you saw that TD then

haha you're trying much to hard to get a rise. You don't bother me buddy.

I did see the TD. It was awful. Any other questions about what I've seen while we're at it? I got another 2 hours of watching my team get their head bashed in. All the time in the world :).

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    • Well I'm sure your aware of my admiration for Bert Jones, my all time favorite. That should have tipped you off I'm not a puppy lol.    If I ever go to Hawaii, it would be more for the scenery than beaches.  I'm surrounded by beaches here, only like 1.5 miles away and the Bahamas aren't far and the US Virgin islands, St..Vincent etc....and their all beautiful.  But I'd guess Hawaii's beaches are tough to beat. But Hawaii is so far but like everyone else It's a place that's desirable to visit and dream vacation for many, especially for those that don't live on the coast.   Yeah, I'm not thinking about moving..its nice here but the people seem to be getting less nice since I was a kid. A lot of them come from the  East like NY,.Boston etc.... My brothers and I are some of the few Florida natives we know. My.grandfather and father and his brothers  came here in the '50's and said some of the busiest roads use to be swamp land when they arrived. He was born in NY and went to school in Boston. I couldn't imagine being.a.red.sox/Patriot fan lol.   Florida is.similar to what your used too, I'm sure you will like it. Miami can be interesting to you and has a lot more stuff going on than the the palm beaches.  
    • I have a weird feeling that the committee will now put Ohio St at 3 so they get a rematch with Michigan and Alabama at 4 so they can play Georgia. I was pulling for TCU, they have been a refreshing story all year. I am happy Michigan won. I like Harbaugh.
    • Nothing wrong with that but the overreacting by a few is tiresome. 
    • I don’t know what people want, well I do they want the Colts to win.  This team just isn’t good and you can’t bench or cut everyone.  You have to play someone so odds are you are going to have to wait until the end of the year for changes which is the ultimate form of accountability.  During the season holding people accountable is mostly done in the film room when you show players their mistakes followed by practices when you work with them on what you want them to do better.  That’s something we don’t and won’t have access too because you don’t hold people accountable in public.  So if people honestly don’t think the coaches are doing the above with the players I’d tell them they are naive or are just upset that it’s not working.  
    • as a colts fan when I see someone in the colts organization doing a bad job I cant stay positive and think they will be better. I want us to win and point out who is doing a bad job. I dont call it being negative , I call it facing reality.
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