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Colts @ Patriots AFC Divisional Playoff Game Night Thread


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haha you're trying much to hard to get a rise. You don't bother me buddy.

I did see the TD. It was awful. Any other questions about what I've seen while we're at it? I got another 2 hours of watching my team get their head bashed in. All the time in the world :).


What? I'm just posting in the game thread and watching the game. You were the one who responded to me first, buddy. 

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Too many homers not being realistic in the thread. By all means enjoy the game but stop kidding yourselves

To be fair how many times have we been here? I mean come on man, you relish in the come from oblivion wins with the rest of us but are the first to nay say us. Playing with house money so to speak.

Cheer up, we are in the playoffs :)

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