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  1. I would keep all but Moala and Gordy if they are willing to come back. Redding, Hasselback, Wayne, Hicks and Bradshaw back on one-year, incentive laden deals. Even if they are on their last legs, they are still of value to this team. And if a QB goes down for another team and they call about Hasselback, trade him for a mid-rounder. Draft a rookie QB to groom as a backup in the late rounds this year or find another in FA on the cheap. No sense getting nothing for Matt if someone needs him this year.
  2. We are a couple of years and at least one or two stars away from taking down New England. Thing is, Grigson needs to hit a home run in this draft. Big time. The Richardson trade and Werner pick has, in a way, held us back. Stop gambling and do your homework, Ryan. Jimmy is right. We need toughness. We need someone with a mean streak on defense who is a playmaker. Get rid of deadweight that misses tackles. And light a fire under people who don't catch passes thrown in their hands.
  3. Whether it is ILB, DT, or OL, I don't care. He just needs to have a MEAN STREAK in him. I'm tired of inconsistent and/or soft play at those positions.
  4. I would say (in order) DT, ILB, RG, S, and a WR to replace Hicks if he doesn't return. If Cherilus is healthy, I think he can handle RT for one more year while we groom someone from the draft. We can handle Boom and Zurlon one more year if either Bradshaw or Bullard returns. I think we target RB in the middle rounds. I see the five spots above as priority, and we will target either FA or the draft.
  5. I got a chuckle here. Dear Ryan Grigson, Don't trade any more first rounders. Even for AP. Thanks...Signed "All Colts Fans"
  6. Born and raised in Muncie, IN. I moved to Atlanta 12 years ago and live south of the city today. I went to my first Colts game in the late 80s and went to at least one a year before moving south. I still sport my blue jerseys every Sunday. I bleed blue.
  7. Come on everyone. Execs make misjudgments just like coaches and players. Except Polian. We all know how perfect he was in selecting players.
  8. It just gets better from here. We lost some very good players on offense this year. And we will find more players on D. Our future is bright. I see a Lombardi in our future.
  9. Keep in mind...we are still kind of rebuilding. We were just 2-14 two seasons ago. We will get better. I see a Lombardi in our future.
  10. It's been a great year, gang. We will be better next season. I'm calling it now.
  11. Dare I say it? If the Pats run like this next week the Broncos will have a hard time with them as well.
  12. Agreed. He is playing well for a second year QB. He is just having to do a lot right now. He needs a few more pieces around him. Give him a healthy Allen, Reggie, an OL and another WR...Look out NFL.
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