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  1. Well it sure doesn't mean more man. And someone was talking about Luck's press conference after the game.
  2. It says at the very beginning where I read that. It was posted at StampedeBlue. And 'more spread out' means more zone rather than press or man which was what Carolina was doing most of the game that I could recall
  3. Post from StampedeBlue: It seemed like all of a sudden the Panthers couldn't cover anyone in the 4th - if they went to a deep prevent zone, that's probably the reason. Why on earth do teams do that.
  4. LOL. What a joke. The NFL should just nuke the AFCS from orbit.
  5. Miami has played two AFC South teams since the coaching change, one with a 1-5 record playing their backup QB and the other (2-5) on high suspicion of throwing the game. Let's not hand out too much praise just yet eh?
  6. I really hope whoever are crowned "champions" of this poop circus division only wins 6 games, so the NFL will be forced to rethink playoff seeding and go off of best record and not division winners.
  7. Hopefully we don't have to wait that long.
  8. I defintely spend more time on Texans forums, but I've been through several different ones, while this is the only Colts forum I've ever known...so I am actually more faithful to this site than any Texans site
  9. In no way was this thread created specifically to shower Peyton Manning and Andrew Luck with praise and affection. No way at all.
  10. Thanks for making me laugh like an old man in a rocking chair on his front porch.
  11. "I had a choice of drinking lemonade or urine. Thank god I chose the lemonade, dodged that bullet." I mean basically.
  12. Sheesh I may lay down 10 bucks on that
  13. So, how many draft picks are the Patriots going to lose?
  14. I quoted you just so this gif could be shown again....LOL
  15. Nobody would have to light it on fire. It would just instantly burst into flames.
  16. Player safety is fine and all but they are getting stupid with it.
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