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  1. I really hope this isn't the last of Mathis as a colt. Read somewhere that this injury at his age will derail his career and will most likely never play for the colts again. I really hope this isn't true because Mathis is one of my favorite players, just like Reggie.
  2. So are we going to re do the draft then? And if so when?
  3. At least he may be out of shape now rather than in a few weeks or so when it will actually matter. I always thought that in all sports pre season was intended as a preparation for players to get back up to game speed. Also while we are on this topic didn't Eddie Lacy look out of shape around this time last year?
  4. Tbh I always thought of Gordy as a bit of dead weight but looking at the film from last year he does surprisingly well and i'd be shocked if he doesn't make the roster this year. And if he does it must be because there are better players than him which when you go in to detail can only be a good thing.
  5. This angers me so much. Thought before he got injured last time he'd be our running back for the future and now he can't even get stay healthy!
  6. Any spaces left? Can remember doing it last year and it was a good laugh. Decided I'm never being the commish again, that was just plain bad.
  7. This anticipation is killing me! What is he shocking the world with?????
  8. Popular one here but Richardson for the 1st rounder. While I want to like Richardson and think he will be a productive player for us in the next few years, I really didn't think our run game was that bad. I'm a big fan of Ballard and Bradshaw, when they went down I thought we would tackle the problem by looking in house "next man up" mentality with people like Brown or even bring in familiar running back options from free agency, like one of those UDFA's who we always send to the PS or even let Havilli have more carries. With the 1st round pick I would have traded down to try and gain a l
  9. I feel confident in Jones/Redding putting some pressure up the middle. Hopefully this could put him off a bit.
  10. My opinion is YES. But tbh I really don't care whether he was or not. At the end of the day he is suspended for the first 4 games and whether he is truthful or not won't change that.
  11. If we are going of the info last year we will have more than 26.5 sacks. Mathis got 19.5 last year, 3/4 of 19.5 is 14.625 sacks so lets round down to 14.5 sacks he would get us this year (taking in to the account that his production along with all the other players will remain the same from last year, which it wont. Eg. Werner getting more used to the nfl.) So overall we wont get 26.5, we will get 41. A number which would put us joint 13th with the Broncos/Vikings/Jets and would be a decrease by 1 sack which put us joint 11th last year. If this is the way you want to go about figuring out
  12. We are fine. Walden and Werner will do the job. I thought Walden was capable last year, wasn't as good as Mathis but not many people in the nfl are. And it's Werners 2nd season in the nfl. Didn't he play 4 3 DE in college? So he's not going to be a world beater in his rookie year after transitioning. He will be a better player this year. Plus after that I think we are in more than capable hands as far as depth is concerned.
  13. I'd prefer him over any of the other safeties (excluding Landry) to be a starter. Got a feeling it will be Sergio Brown though who makes the step up.
  14. He definitely could but he probably wont. Think the same thing applies to Manning with the all time passing yards record.
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