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  1. Can we finally admit that Vinnie is a real problem? Sure Hoyer stunk, but Vinnie missing that EXP cost us the ability to go to overtime. Perhaps in overtime, the D could have made a big play for the win. Instead, we lost to the worst team in the NFL. Well done guys.
  2. I'll tip my hat to him. Like the OP, I'm not sure he is the final answer, but I think he did a good job today, and is well prepared to lead the team this year.
  3. Unless you remember last season, where he struggled at times as well. The guy is 46 for pete's sake.....he's old. He's too.......old.
  4. No panicking here, but the fact is we lost to a conference opponent, in a game we should have won. This very game could have cost us big time at the end of the season.
  5. I had said when we first got Jacoby, that I was glad we had him. My opinion has not changed. I thought he did well, hopefully FR will let him get a little more aggressive.
  6. Sad thing is we had his replacement on the roster in preseason. Why did we sit Vinny? We would have confirmed his present condition then and let him retire with dignity.
  7. Adam needs to do us a solid an draw inspiration from Andrew Luck.
  8. I don’t believe I would have booed Luck, but I understand the emotions that go into being committed to the team as a fan, so I can forgive those who did. I’m not at all happy with how this was handled by the team or media....who leaked it anyway? i hope Andrew finds what he is looking for, and hope the damage done to the team is minimal, but it is a bad deal all around.
  9. After thinking about hard for the last hour and a half, i’ve decided to retire. It’s been an endless cycle of pain and rehab, pain and rehab...I’m over it, After endless drama, I am exhausted, I am tired. My joy in the fall will come not from football, but raking leaves and eating s’mores. I am retiring as a Colts fan.
  10. wth? I guess Luck is just Jeff George with a slightly hipper rap.... (before the * spin through the roof, I’m just venting...take a pill)
  11. He's only been coach for a few months, why would Luck be close to throwing Reich? Hope he doesn't hurt his shoulder doing it, Reich is a lot heavier than a football.
  12. But I know Andrew well. He's my father's brother's nephew's cousin's former roommate.
  13. Agree, it is gloomy. Absolutely nothing has gone right in Luck's recovery. Looking back over all the information we've been given since the injury, it has all been misleading or grossly wrong. I have zero confidence at this point that we are being told the truth. Therefore, based on my own observations, what I know from talking to physicians about this type of injury, I believe we are looking at the 17%.
  14. Plenty of other threads out there. You don't like this one? Don't read it. The choice is yours.
  15. Well, this is really going to sound gloomy. I’ve predicted on day one Luck would never play again on this forum. Hopefully i’m Wrong, but absolutely nothing leads me to believe Luck will play at the same level he had, if at all. hope i’m wrong, but we’ll know in a month or two.
  16. I think it is cute how we are still pretending that Luck will be back. Just sayin’.
  17. I actually got tickets to the Bears game last week, you know, the one they lost to SF by 5 field goals. It occurs to me that they play outside, all the time, and they completely suck. Personally, if I am going watch a team totally suck, I'd rather watch it in the comfort of a dome. I don't think it really matters where you play the game, dome or not.
  18. The Colts have a long, long history of making bad QB's look the likes of Joe Montana, and Dan Marino....soooooooooo I don't think the Bills are too concerned.
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