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  1. He's not for everybody. I grew up listening to him when the Colts were horrid, back when they first came to Indy...we've been through a lot of terrible football, adversity makes the bond I guess.
  2. I know I stopped watching due to being fed up. I listened to the radio broadcast because Bob Lamey could make a cereal eating contest interesting. I'll be real sad when Bob hangs up the mic.
  3. The Colts would have been 16-0 if they had won every game. But they didn't, did they? When I look at how we lost, yes, we were bad. 8-8 is bad. Good teams don't play the way the Colts did this year, bad teams do.
  4. Me too, I cancelled my NFL Sunday ticket midway through the season in disgust during one of our miserable losses, and haven't looked back. I still listen on the web to the game, but at least I am not buying a new television every monday. (radio's are a lot cheaper, and tougher too, they don't smash like flat screens)
  5. Well, Pagano dropped a notch in my book after that presser. That puts him at notch -1.
  6. I'm craving a whopper for some reason. Did he really just give a new theory on Burger King and football? Ugh....I started drinking with the first "get grinding" comment, and now I can't feel my feet.
  7. He's freaking delirious and apparently thinks he is Hannibal Smith. Loves it when a plan comes together...wait, what?
  8. If Grigson is still around, does it matter?
  9. Honestly, all I want for Christmas is a new coach(es) and GM. Maybe a few players that will contribute from the draft as a stocking stuffer would be nice too...but reading that Pags and Grigson are gone in tomorrow's newspaper would be the best Christmas present ever.
  10. Good Lord, can we fire this bunch yet? This is getting intolerable.
  11. Pags has shown nothing but emotion since he's been coach, and yet we are getting worse and worse. I think we need a coach that actually knows how to coach, versus a good guy. There is no hope as long as we are #Chucksuck
  12. Dumb decision by a dumber (is that a word? how about dumberer, or more dumb) coach.
  13. I was shocked, I was flabbergasted, I was floored, I was nauseated, I was.......yeah, I was against it. FIRE THEM BOTH!!!! Now.
  14. Chuck happened, that's what. What kind of * goes for it on fourth down when you are in easy FG range with the lead? So sick of inept coaching, and prevent defense.
  15. I'm glad I wasn't hearing things. At first it just seemed normal, and then I thought "hey, wait a second, this is live on the air". He basically just said what all of us were thinking, funny as hell. Long live BOB!
  16. Just pour some gasoline on it and it'll go....oh wait, you were talking about the buildings off of 56th street, right? ;)
  17. Well, for one, I am disgusted. The biggest loser is Luck, and the second biggest loser is us fans. More mediocrity and sloppy play coming to Indy. I hope Andrew survives......
  18. To me, the biggest loser here is Andrew Luck. He is going to get killed by a Pagano/Grigson combo that has no idea how to protect the QB. As for us fans, we are doomed to more of the same. Dominating the AFC south and getting slaughtered by the rest of the league. YAY us!
  19. The biggest loser in all of this is Andrew Luck. He's doomed to mediocrity now, assuming he survives the next year.
  20. Weird...I guess we'll find out for sure soon enough. (I hope)
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