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  1. Deathiltis

    Gruden (Colts) Rumors Resurface

    What does that have to do with him being a bad coach. Jeff Fisher has been involved with the game for over 20 years, does that make him a good coaching candidate in 2018. Not a chance.
  2. Deathiltis

    Gruden (Colts) Rumors Resurface

    Gruden was a below average NFL coach who’s been out of the league for over a decade. Digging him out of the bin is not the recipe for success.
  3. I really don’t think Ballard is stupid enough to hire Fox or Smith. If the roster Ballard has put together has any relevance on what he’ll do looking for a HC he has shown he values youth. He mentioned Mike McCarthey and Mike Tomlin, those guys certainly fit the bill of being younger hires. So that factor is something that I think should be considered.
  4. I could listen to Ballard talk all day. He seems to be completely set and focused with his plan for the team. Really excited to see who he picks to be the new HC. From listening to him I feel like I can trust his judgment. Whether it’s Toub, McDaniels, or someone out of left field I think I’m on board with whatever Ballard is going to do. He’s already proven he can evaluate talent with one draft and FA period under his belt. With all the cap space and the third pick to go along with the new coaching staff this off season gives me a lot of hope. Don’t think the Colts will be signing guys like RJF and Laron Landry. Or drafting someone like Bjoern Werner or Phillip Dorsett. My body is ready.
  5. Lol there's no division I football school called Nevada State. Fajardo went to the University of Nevada.