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2 minutes ago, John Waylon said:

I’m fine with Ryan, as long as we don’t overpay. There’s still some gas left in the tank, and we’ll still have reasonable flexibility to go out and make a long-term move.

That’s what Ballard gets paid for.  He’s always said a trade has to be a win win for both sides.

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Will the Colts be picking up all of Ryan's massive contract? 



But then we get to the core of the "problem vs. solution'' question: Is employing a "league-average quarterback'' with two years remaining on his contract ($48.6 million in 2022 and $43.6 million in 2023) good enough? 


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Just now, richard pallo said:

They should give him the new deal he was looking for.  More cap space.

Yep.  Make the 3rd basically a team option with minimal cap hit if cut.  Should grab a QB this year or next and let them sit for 1 or 2 seasons if needed.


Just knowing who the QB is is honestly a huge sigh of relief, haha.

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  • Shive locked and unlocked this topic

I’m a Matty Ice fan. Still hope they draft a guy, preferably one this year.


But Ryan was not better last year than Rivers was in 2019 (the year before he came here). And he's a few years removed from being a PB caliber QB.


I think he probably is a lateral move, but I definitely prefer him to Wentz. So I am stoked. 

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21 minutes ago, Shive said:

I'm down with a 3rd!


Yes, for that contract, that is the most I wanted to give. Maybe we restructure the contract or maybe we don't. That would be a WIN-WIN trade for both. Falcons fans will be ticked off, I am 100% sure, given how many high draft picks were being thrown around for marquee QBs.

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1 hour ago, Colts1324 said:

I’m curious if the Colts do complete the Ryan trade - if they give him the new 3 year contract he has requested

Same thing i was thinking. I think it will likely happen. Thats enough time to groom a young guy

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