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3 hours ago, richard pallo said:

TY doesn’t strike me as the type of player who would uproot his family for one more year with a different team especially after being upfront about considering retirement.  Wish him the best if he takes that road though.

Yeah. His oldest is a teenager now. I do believe though they spend some time  in the offseason in Florida but seems like his kids probably have friends and other activities they are entrenched in now in Indy with him having played here so long. It’s all weird what is going on with him. 

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On 5/5/2022 at 9:19 PM, Tsarquise said:

I know it is supposed to be a good thing. Just doesn't make since. Good things usually are not vomit inducing. 

Im with ya….  But then again, I’m an older guy, and I don’t understand why/how someone decided that saying something negative about someone else should be referred to as…….   Throwing shade?!?   

I always think of shade as a good thing, not bad.    These kids today….      :scratch:    :dunno:


Oh, and get off my lawn!!      :lecture:

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With all this "throw up" stuff, maybe it is time to close this thread and start a new "What We Are Hearing" thread. Since it will be in the Colts section, let's try to keep it Colts-focused. Your fellow Colts fans want Colts material in this section.

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    • Highly doubt Cardinals trade down further than Colts   The thought of them doing that then WAJ ending up in Seattle probably scares the heck out of them
    • My thoughts?  Thanks for your thoughts.  You have a lot of good thoughts.  I enjoy reading many of your thoughts.     But my thoughts?  You just need a public forum to be right in.  I’ve yet to see you value anyone else’s thoughts…
    • For months, I have been mulling over all the Colts options to address the quarterback position in 2023. I am laying out my thoughts; baring my thought process. Feel free to disagree, but let's all keep an open mind. If you have a pure authentic take on any of this, then I would love to hear it. However, I am not interested in anyone repeating what a "media expert" has to say; packaging another persons thoughts as your own. There are plenty of threads to be negative and nasty in. Please keep this thread rational and logical. Thank you in advance.    Before the 2022 football season (college and pro) began, I had my way too early thoughts. I wanted to have an open mind about Matt Ryan, but my gut was telling me this guy was washed up. I was even on a podcast at the end of 2021, ripping Matt Ryan apart, and I even called him washed. I think Ryan is about as good as a teammate that anyone could ever ask for. He is a true pro, but his game was clearly over. I was surprised when the Colts made him QB1. I thought, well... Maybe I was a little premature in writing Ryan off... I always try to keep an open mind. Contrary to popular opinion around here, I do not always think I am right. I just have an extremely high hit rate of being correct. But for humility sake, I was wrong about Sam Darnold. I can admit that now. I think some of it had to do with the position that Sam was put in... But it was mostly an issue with Sam. I thoroughly scouted him. I felt he had a chance to be elite. I missed.    Going into the the 2022 season, I was very high on Will Levis... I felt he had an opportunity to supplant himself as the clear top pick in the 2023 draft. I projected he was going to have issues similar to Josh Allen... in Allen's final season at Wyoming. Just like Allen, Levis is also not mechanically perfect and there is a lot of room for improvement there. Working with Jordan Palmer will be the best thing for Will Levis this offseason. In Allen's final collegiate season, he lost a lot of talent, and was forced to work with younger, unproven players. This made him the most polarizing player in the draft. I felt the same thing was going to happen to Will Levis, and it did... However, I could not foresee the injuries Levis would have to play through. Turf toe is tough for a player who touches the ball on every play. This compounded the already existing adversity that Levis was dealing with (lack of talent around him). As the year moved on, I began to notice an arrogance about Will Levis. And not the typical arrogance that we see in a young quarterback. Something felt off about his personality. I feel that on the field, Levis has all the tools. But when I start seeing issues with a players personality, my radar goes way up. There is something off about this dude. It could be immaturity, and he could overcome it. Some do, but most don't. If he does grow up, and finds humility, then I think he could be a great NFL QB. Unfortunately I get a lot of Jay Cutler and Jeff George vibes from him.    Historically it has been a challenge to scout Alabama quarterbacks. For years they had the best offensive line, the best backs, the best receivers, and dominating defenses. However, over the past few years we have seen more parity in the SEC. Hell, Tennessee beat Alabama last year, in one of the more amazing and entertaining games of the year. Bryce Young was not playing with the cast that we normally see an Alabama QB have at his disposal. Because of this, I learned how creative Young can be, when he has to. I love his natural instincts to protect the ball and continue looking downfield when the play breaks down. He navigates the pocket like a 10-year NFL veteran. He can throw passes from different angles, and off platform (Mahomes like). His ability to work through his reads are just off the chart. He is going to come into the NFL as one of the more polished QBs we have seen in a long time. I believe if he were 6'4" then we would all be comparing Bryce Young to Andrew Luck, and he would be the clear number 1 player in this draft. I see a lot of Drew Brees in Young. They do a lot of things very similar. Bryce Young is my number 1 quarterback in this draft, and if by miracle he drops to 3, the Colts better give up whatever it takes to get that pick from the Cardinals. I would bet on Bryce Young becoming more like Drew Brees than becoming the next Kyler Murray. Either is possible... But I see Young being very successful in the NFL...    Throwing mechanics start with the feet and CJ Stroud has great footwork. He is smooth and his upper body falls into perfect place because his feet set the throw up correctly. I consider Stroud's throwing motion to be mechanically sound. I have a similar take on Stroud that I did with Burrow. He has played with great receivers... Probably the next great receiver in the NFL is Marvin Harrison Jr... Look at the last 2 seasons of Ohio State receivers... It gives me the LSU vibe that Burrow played with. Plus they are both mechanically sound. I felt that Burrow would be a very good QB in the NFL, but I could not place his ceiling... I thought he was a safe pick and I feel the same about CJ Stroud. In my mind, Stroud fits the mold of what Frank Reich wants in his offense. I am leaning heavily towards, the Panthers taking him with the first pick. If he falls to 3, the Colts need to do whatever it takes to get to 3. I don't see him falling past Houston, and I feel as though he is going number 1 overall.    I think there is a better chance (albeit slim) that Young falls to 3 than Stroud falling. We are talking about ceilings of Burrow vs Brees here... But the floor is much higher with Stroud and that makes him the safer pick. Most likely both will be off the board at 3.    So that takes us back to Levis. [Big IF] If he passes my interviews then I would take him. And I would move up to 3 for him. If I couldn't shake the bad vibes, then I am looking at plan C, D, and E...   Plan A would be for Young to fall... Cause I doubt Stroud will. Neither is very likely though. Plan B would be to determine if Levis is the guy.    Plan C and D are geared towards moving back in the draft a couple of times... taking Hendon Hooker in the late teens or early twenties or trading 2 number 1's for Lamar.    I really like Hooker's pocket mobility. There are times when he doesn’t see the rush, but it’s a similar issue I noticed early with Aaron Rodgers, and he can overcame it. Hooker can be very accurate, but he lacks anticipation. Has a strong enough arm, and wheels. While it is not an exact carbon copy, I see a lot of Daniel Jones in Hooker. And he will have the same hurdles in the NFL. But the potential is there.    Making a play for Lamar would consist of a lot of IF's... Can the Colts sign him to a contract that makes sense... Something the Colts would walk away from within a few years, if needed.    Plan E is riding with Minshew.    That is my logic on how I would approach addressing the quarterback... We will see what the Colts do, but I would not be surprised if they share some, if not all of my thoughts on this.    Your thoughts? Let 'em rip. 
    • Playoffs?   I'd be happy just to get a 1st down. Playoffs?
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