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  2. Oh, to be a fly on the wall during that players only meeting after the 1-5 start last year... Would have been interesting!
  3. I was referring to definition of valuable being: Webster's a: having monetary value b: worth a good price. You are right in there being other definitions as well when speaking of worth and value. But I do feel that pay is an important marker for how important a employer feels that you are. But definitely not the only factor. I only brought in compensation as evidence that could be considered. Other than that it's just a matter of opinion. And the only way one could prove it is for one to have more success without the other. Same as with Tom and Bill. Would they have won all those SBs without one over the other? We will never know. Maybe without Bill, Tom never gets a shot and is out of the league after a few years as a back-up. Maybe without Tom, Bill is ran out of town after a few disappointing seasons and neither become the legends they are today. There is no way of knowing for sure. So to me it's just a matter of opinion. But if you don't feel money is a factor that is fine with me. We all have different ways of looking at things, if we didn't this would be a pretty boring forum to visit. As with Luck and Ballard, I hope it is a long time before we have to find out which one is more important. But it is a fun question to consider.
  4. ROTFLMAO. I suppose Darius Leonard is a 6’9’ 27 year old basketball player.
  5. MFT5

    Day one OTAs

    bro wanna be right so bad lol it’s sickening. He’s a safety playing en a cover 2 scheme. That en itself is his protection. it’s literally begging the opposition to do everything else but throw it deep. When Hooker starts making plays like Eddie Jackson call me. For now he’s iight
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  7. with Mo Alie Cox we didnt really need to keep him. wish him well unless he plays us lol
  8. It's all good. May the best man win. Whoever it is will have to be awfully good.
  9. I actually stand corrected, Brady threw for 4806 in 2007 so up until Mahomes did it last year, Manning was the only one to do so. = 50/5000 in the same season.
  10. I think this year Luck will have just as many TD's and Yards. I think both QB's will throw for around 40 and 4500. No way Mahomes goes for 50 and 5000 again. That rarely happens, only Brady (2007) and Manning (2013) have done it in the history of football in the same season.
  11. sure wish luck had the weapons mahomes had just cause I'm like 90% sure he does as good or better than mahomes with the same support
  12. I love doing lists but all lists are subjective and opinionated. It really depends on what this list is about. Is it about what QB you would take going into the season? or is it the QB that has more lifetime accomplishments? If it is the QB I would take going into the season then Luck absolutely belongs in the top 5, if one is going by lifetime accomplishments then Big Ben belongs (he has won 2 SB's) and Mahomes actually doesn't due to only having 1 great season.
  13. Fair enough, they "emphasized" the rules and actually started applying them properly after that. Still doesn't change the outcome where their DB's were raping Harrison, Wayne, et al. With one exception.....one of Ty Laws interceptions was simply amazing and I'll give him every credit in the world for it. It's also the game where Belichek tripped Marvin after one of Ty Laws interceptions as he was trying to come back on the field to make a tackle.
  14. Yeah...Inman should have been on at least one of those plays. That scramble drill TD catch against TEN was awesome. Luck avoids the pressure and then throws a dart on the run to Inman...who toe taps and then takes a huge hit and holds on. No one else seemed to even know where the ball was except Luck and Inman. There was also a back-shoulder pass to Inman in that same game that was so pretty. IF I had to guess...the Colts PR intentionally removed highlights from current non-Colts. Makes sense I guess.
  15. But it's his only year. It would be one thing if he had a couple decent seasons and then last season. But it was his first season...and it was historically great. That's the only data we have so far. At this point, no proof exists that he isn't already a great QB. That's what has to be proven...not the other way around. Luck had a great rookie season...but if he had done what Mahomes did in his first season...I think nearly every Colts fan would have put him in the top 5. Or any other top QB for that matter. I don't think there should be a double-standard for Mahomes.
  16. Has he been charged though? I realize the investigation is ongoing...but I don't think he's been charged with anything yet. And if that doesn't happen...the NFL won't really have any additional information because they (law enforcement) have already said they won't share that information with the NFL. So basically, they would be going off that audio and interviews they conduct with Hill after the investigation. Trust me...I am not saying it's right...it's just how I think it might play out. Without charges...the audio will garner a multi-game suspension on its own...but then he will be back.
  17. Ballard has also expressed the importance of getting a pass rush up the middle. His release couldn't have come at a better time and his contract shouldn't be prohibitive for Ballard. If he really is serious about playing for a contender he and his agent should recognize the obvious match with the Colts as his best chance at a ring. A no brainer from my point of view. Of course I tend to have a bias on this sort of thing.
  18. Makes sense to look... he fits for the most part. Our pro personnel department already has (most) every player (those to soon be FA, or a cap casualty, etc...) scouted, and placed a 'value' on them. We'll talk to the agent and see if we are in the ballpark before any real talks begin. We won't be in a bidding war, is what that means. Ballard has proven to fold up the tent once the $ get above range. Doesn't matter who the player is. But there first have to be steps taken, and that is if what we might pay is close to what they may accept.
  19. Cynjin

    Day one OTAs

    Lucky, It is not worth the effort, it's just not.
  20. Well I hope he does well I figured he would be the odd man out
  21. Unless he proves himself year after year then sure. But one year does not make him top 5. So I guess Cam Newton and Matt Ryan should be on the list too, because they were MVP as well.
  22. What in the flipping world are you talking about? Would you like to try again simple plain English? And who are “certain people”?? Who? And how do you know things don’t matter? And what does ESPN have to do with any of this? What are you trying to say? Then say it! Goodness gracious....
  23. DougDew

    Day one OTAs

    He's fine. He's pretty good. Even if he plays no better than pick 50, that's fine too. You may get lucky and he ends up making the plays he was drafted to make after having better teammates around him (like he did at OSU), but that still wouldn't confirm anything. I'm assuming Ballard took a CB with his first pick of the draft, traded up 20 spots for another S, and drafted probably a coverage MIKE because he felt the underneath coverage left gaping holes everywhere. To a point where QBs didn't target Hooker because he was the best DB on field simply by default. The idea that QBs didn't throw his way because they were afraid to seems like biased speculation hoping to confirm something.
  24. He did. I loved his IG stories. You could see how close this team is. He was always hanging out with everyone. His kids were adorable to.
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