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  1. Colts Fan Fest is coming to Huntingburg, IN May 23. Festivities start at 5 pm at the Huntingburg Memorial Gym. Special guests to be T.Y. Hilton and Malik Hooker.
  2. SVFD Colts Fan

    Tyrod Taylor News (as it relates to the Colts)

    I thought I read somewhere Miami owns the #4 pick as part of the Landry trade. Browns send pick #4 for Landry and Pick #11.
  3. SVFD Colts Fan

    RUMOR: Possible Important Luck Health Update....

    Maybe this was Ballard's way of knowing if Nagy wanted to coach the Colts or just coach Andrew Luck. The way it sounds he wanted to coach only Luck.
  4. SVFD Colts Fan

    Geathers update?

    We should here something about him soon being that he is on PUP. We are going into week 6 which is the last week for anyone on PUP.
  5. SVFD Colts Fan

    Post your fantasy team roster for '17-'18 season

    10 teams PPR 1 flex spot. I picked 9th QB: Derek Carr, Andy Dalton WR: AJ Green, Terrell Pryor, Tyreek Hill, Kelvin Benjamin, Jordan Matthews, Chester Rogers RB: Lesean Mcoy, Lamar Miller, Duke Johnson, Kareem Hunt TE: Jordan Reed, Jack Doyle D: Texans K: Adam Vinatieri Starters in Bold. Kicking myself in the butt for having Hunt on the bench!
  6. SVFD Colts Fan

    Kareem Hunt

    I also had him on my benchHowever I had Tyreek Hill as my flex player so I got 26.8 points. The Chiefs looked really good I think they will win the AFC West.
  7. SVFD Colts Fan

    2017 NFL Waiver Wire And Player Cut Thread

    I saw Austin Rehkow was cut from the Bills. Weren't a bunch of people on here wanting to draft him, and he can't even make it on the Bills !
  8. SVFD Colts Fan

    Ok guys I am curious what you think.

    Physically Unable to Perform
  9. SVFD Colts Fan

    What would you do?

    Hope for the "Angels in the End-zone"!!!
  10. SVFD Colts Fan

    Indianapolis Colts: 10 Things You Need To Know

    Why does everyone dis TY as a #1? He is our #1. Until someone on our team has more catches and yards in a season he will be our #1.