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  1. I believe the goal is to get Fisher to as close to as 100% as possible for the stretch run. Also sounds like Reich had a big say in getting Fisher. This is a make or break season for him IMO. He has his guys that he wanted in Wentz and Fisher now he has to prove he can fix / win with them. Honestly could go either way but you can’t deny the potential is there for something special. Also the potential for a massive disaster. I think if we get 13 regular seasons games out of Fisher it’s a win. Anything under that could get messy.
  2. After reading and watching some videos of Kwity Paye and his life story the kid is a true winner at life. The guy just runs through anything in his way. He is a well educated and a stand up guy. Oh don’t forget his off the chart physical traits. If he wants to be a star he is going to be a star. Nobody is going to stop him. We should all be thrilled and thankful he’s on our side because this kid is going to do big things on and off the field for the Colts.
  3. Talent wise? Yes they are better off. On the field? To be decided. A lot can still change. Would like to revisit this after LT, Edge, Wr, and etc..are addressed.
  4. I’m not on the Williams bandwagon yet. I won’t complain if we get him. Could you imagine the holes Taylor and Hines would be running through? The line is elite already then you add that extra element. Also would really help in allowing Wentz the time to regain in confidence again. Still a lot of money to fork over for the line.
  5. https://twitter.com/rapsheet/status/1371625967580512256?s=21 cue the meltdown post.
  6. May just throw some voidable years on the contract. Plenty of ways for teams to manipulate the cap.
  7. Not sure how to attach Twitter post yet but Ian Rapoport tweeted it.
  8. 16.5 per year on a multi year deal for Dupree is a bit more than I’d want to pay. Don’t get me wrong he’s a great player. However coming off a major injury and didn’t really fit our defensive scheme.
  9. Impulsive spending is what gets you into bad contracts. Everybody expects results over night, but patience is the key. This isn’t the NBA or MLB you can’t just simply go out and buy a team and expect a Super Bowl every year. When you show desperation and just start throwing large sums of money around in contracts you are showing your hand. I’d much rather have a GM like Ballard who is patient. He has success building in the draft and rarely hands out a bad contact that sets the team up for cap issues. We have a good team and just need to continue adding pieces at the right price and situation
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